We Are Certified 100% Carbon Neutral!

Why buy insurance from a company that wastes the earth’s resources? With CheapCarInsurance, you’ll know that you are buying from an very environmentally friendly company.
Here are a few of the ways we contribute to being green:

  1. With the rapid rate of deforestation, we have been able to cut back on paper.  Our entire business uses digital documentation and digital paper most of the time.
  2. Going green here has committed 2/3 of us here to drive fuel-efficient vehicles.
  3. We are proud supporters of solar, wind, biofuels, and other green technologies.
  4. We have even planted hundreds of trees.

With so many more cars being added to the road everyday, there is a greater need than ever to offset this trend with green, and environmentally friendly solutions.
Our business is certified to be carbon neutral by CarbonFund.Org!