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NJ Driving Restrictions For Teens Causing Issues

Teens are the segment of drivers that have the most risk. As the summer comes to a close, teens will be doing even more socializing with their peers from school. In the state of New Jersey, teens will be facing even tougher driving restrictions. A few decades ago, many young teens would be able to be in a car together and go on double dates and outings. This is not going to happen in the state as much anymore.
The state has a curfew for young drivers so that they cannot drive during the later hours of the day. All teen drivers will have to place a red decal on their license plates. This will allow police officers to find teens who are breaking curfew or who have too many young passengers in the car.
Some people have complained that this change will hurt teens socially because they will not be able to go on double dates and go out late. Parents say that they think that politicians need to stop doing the jobs of parents.  Law makers have stated that the stricter licensing laws have helped to reduce the number of teen related fatalities in the state.
A study has found that more than 66 percent of teen related driving fatalities happen because of a teen driver. This means that it is important for teens to be as careful as they possibly can. Many teen drivers do not take driving seriously and they do not understand the risks that are out there on the roads.
If a teen driver has one passenger in the car with them, then they are 44 percent more likely to have a car accident. The overall risk is 400% more when there are three or more passengers in the vehicle. New Jersey has made it so that teens can get licenses at 17 and there are also texting while driving bans in place. These laws are designed to produce more mature drivers who will pose less of a risk to insure. Car insurance companies make teens pay more for coverage because many of them have shown that they do not drive carefully.
In the state of Pennsylvania, teens will have to practice driving for 65 hours and will only be allowed to have one passenger in the car with them. This law may seem harsh but it is important to helping teen drivers stay as focused when behind the wheel as possible.
Double dates may seem fun, but many teens can lose track of time and be on the road at very late hours. The less visibility a driver has, the more likely they are to become involved in an accident. Hopefully, teens will be safer with this new law on the books.