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25: A Magic Year For Drivers

Many parents who have young teen drivers covered under their car insurance policies dread the car insurance premiums that they will have to pay. Young drivers between the ages of sixteen and twenty four typically pay the most for car insurance coverage.

The lack of experience, the number of accidents, and the lack of maturity are the reasons behind these drivers being more of a liability to insure. Most car insurance companies use the magic age of twenty five to drop their policyholders’ insurance premium rates. Why they picked the age of twenty five as their magic number has been called into question by some people.

When most people have reached the threshold age of twenty five, they have their lives pretty well settled. Most people have been out of college for at least three years and have full time jobs. When people have many financial and personal responsibilities they are more likely to be better drivers. This is because people take the task of operating a motor vehicle much more seriously when they have more to lose.

When drivers with clean driving records have reached the age of twenty five they should use this fact to their financial advantage. They can do this by shopping online for new car insurance policy quotes. There are many great deals out there for mature drivers that are over the age of twenty five. By getting a new quote and shopping around, people can expect to save between fifty and one hundred dollars per year on their car insurance premiums.

In a bad economy such as this, it is important to have this type of knowledge in regards to car insurance policies. Most people do not know that their age can actually help or hurt them when trying to get a car insurance policy. Younger drivers should take steps to help them look more attractive to insurance companies.

For example, taking defensive driving classes and installing anti-theft devices on your vehicle show potential insurers that you are a responsible driver. Most people just take the minimum required number of driver’s education classes and never really think about continuing to be educated on the subject down the road. Defensive driving classes are relatively inexpensive but getting a certificate showing that you have finished the classes is an investment for a lifetime.

One way to save the most money is to try and get a car insurance policy through a car insurance company in the area. Because the insurance market is so saturated, it is important for these companies to find unique ways to separate them from the larger car insurance companies. This means that there is room to negotiate for a less expensive car insurance policy.

Try getting car insurance quotes from at least three car insurance companies that are within a twenty mile radius of your residence. Then, see if using the local community angle is less expensive than going the traditional route and signing up for a policy with larger insurers such as Allstate, Geico, and Progressive. Exploring multiple options for people who are over the age of twenty five is really quite cut and drive for most drivers as long as they do not have many moving citations or accidents on their driving records.

Time is money and even though many people overlook trying to find ways to save money on car insurance coverage, they should. Being a certain age does not have to make people old, when you have more money in your pocket for just having been born in a certain year it is a great thing to capitalize on.