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6 Amazing Hybrids Eligible For Insurance Discounts

Getting a hybrid can do a lot more than cut gas bills and help reduce the impact on the environment–there are a lot of insurance discounts available, too. Most insurance companies recognize the importance of hybrids, and they want to reward drivers who choose to own these vehicles as, in general, people who buy hybrids have reduced their chance of injury by 25%, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute.

Similar to drivers who get a discount for not having an accident for a set amount of years, owners of these six hybrids should be searching for an insurance company that offers them discounts.

1. Ford C-Max

On the inside, the Ford C-Max is very similar to a Prius and owners get comparable gas mileage. However, that’s where the similarities end. Prius’ aren’t known for their power and some people aren’t very impressed with their looks. The C-Max offers up a better driving experience, more power and it starts at around $25,000 to make it a viable option for eco-friendly drivers on a budget.

2. Ford Fusion

Another Ford model that is considered to be one of the best hybrid cars due to the strong performance, fuel economy, and it even rates as the best midsize car for those on a budget (and not just for hybrid models). It has a four-cylinder engine coupled with an electric motor that produces 188 horsepower and gets around 47 mpg on the highway, which is fantastic for long commutes and road trips. Stop and go city traffic also isn’t a problem since the Fusion is known for great handling.

3. Toyota Camry Hybrid

Long touted for its reliability, when the Camry went hybrid it easily won over critics and long-term traditional Camry fans alike. It comes in right behind the Ford Fusion for affordable midsize cars, and the large cabin size is especially appreciated by families. It offers 43 mpg on the highway and 37 in the city, and it dishes up a nearly flawless transition between the gas and electric motor. For such a large vehicle, the mpg is extremely impressive and it’s slated to take over the Prius as Toyota’s hybrid of choice.

4. Chevy Volt

For drivers who are prone to taking long trips, or simply forget to plug in their engine, the Chevy Volt offers the best of both worlds. Extremely affordable, the Chevy Volt is the best option for combining gas savings with an electric engine and the range of a gas engine. The interior is luxurious and filled with high-tech options, which also leads to a slightly higher starting point in the mid-30s.

In general, it feels a lot like a traditional vehicle, and it’s a good transition model.

5. Nissan Leaf

As a 100 percent electric car, the Nissan Leaf makes a serious statement about being environmentally friendly. Some people think the cabin is too small, but for drivers who prefer a smaller vehicle, it also offers up beautiful, sleek lines. Just keep in mind that it can take 20 hours to charge an electrical vehicle, so for drivers who have trouble remembering to plug in their smartphones, this might be a bit of a challenge.

6. Prius V

The Prius is still a huge part of the hybrid market, and no best of list would be complete without mentioning the latest Prius V. The space is roomier, there’s plenty of cargo room and it comes with a 1.8 liter engine with four cylinders. It’s even possible to use electric-only mode for brief distances, but overall the Prius gets about 44 highway mpg. It’s prone to starting slow, but the bigger size is appreciated.

When considering a next car purchase, why not save money and the environment? There are constantly upgrades and changes in the hybrid car world, and they get better every year.

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