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Car Insurance Information: Coming to a Smart Phone Near You?

Many people own smart phones. Some drivers consider these phones to be a kind of organizer or planner that they cannot live without because they have so much information stored in their smart phones. In the state of California, a new bill called Assembly Bill 1708 was introduced by Assemblyman Mike Gatto. The bill would now allow drivers in the state to be able to have their auto insurance information available to them on their phone.

This is a very innovative idea. Many people end up misplacing their auto insurance cards or forgetting to put them in their vehicle’s glove compartment box. This can actually help to save time and money for insurance companies. Many drivers might opt to just have their insurance information available on their smart phone. This would reduce the need to print out the cards and send physical copies through the mail. This would reduce the need for a lot of manpower at insurance companies and might further lower insurance premium rates in the states.

Technology has changed over the last decade. Most drivers take their phones with them everywhere in case of an emergency any way. If a person gets pulled over by police officers for a traffic stop then they can easily prove that they are properly insured with auto insurance coverage.

This will help to clear up any issues with police officers during traffic stops. Drivers will know exactly where their insurance information is at all times. This also helps to make sure that people do not get fines for not being able to prove that they have auto insurance coverage when they really do have coverage.

It stands to reason if the bill will be passed. It does not seem like most insurance groups would want to fight the measure. It helps to bring California auto insurance companies into the 21st century. Other states could benefit from similar bills. It is important for drivers to be able to have access to their insurance cards at all times. If you know that the information is on your smart phone then you can have a sense of relief. People who are married or have multiple vehicles can have all of their auto insurance information in one convenient place.

It is important for drivers to make sure that if they decide to only have their insurance information on their smart phones that they make sure that their phones are charged at all times and that they know exactly where they have the information on the phone. If a driver gets pulled over and their smart phone has no Internet service or has a dead battery then they will be unable to prove that they do have the proper auto insurance coverage.

It is important for states such as California to look to technology as a way to help them alleviate some of the issues that drivers have. This can allow more people to save money on their coverage and to have the documents that they need.

For example, in Philadelphia, many people have their cars booted for tickets. The clerk who releases these vehicles needs to see proof of auto insurance coverage to release the car to its owner. If a person has it in their smart phone then they can easily produce the necessary documentation instead of having to go through various lines and get access to their vehicle when it is parked in the impound lot. Hopefully, the bill will be passed so that drivers have the option of having their coverage on their smart phones at all times.