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Car Insurance Rates Going Up Due to Drivers Texting while Driving

Most states have created laws that state that texting while driving is illegal. Now the illegal practice is increasing car insurance premium rates. This is mainly due to the fact that more drivers are being involved in automobile crashes due to becoming distracted while driving.


There have been approximately 24,000 accidents that resulted in injuries and 1,000 that resulted in deaths due to texting while driving. In 2005, more and more drivers began using their cell phones wile driving. The problem is daunting and auto insurers have had to increase their rates as a result.


Many drivers take their eyes off of the road in order to send a text message to a friend or family member. Sending a text might seem harmless because it takes less than one minute. However, it takes less than one second for a driver to hit someone or something that is in front of them.


Insurers are hoping that higher insurance rates will help to reduce the number of accidents that are related to distracted driving. It is important for states to take the helm as well to make sure that drivers are safer when they are on the road.


It is important for drivers to understand that texting while driving is not something to laugh about. The loss of visibility while driving can lead to tragic consequences. As of 2012, 35 states have laws regarding texting while driving. It is important for drivers to arm themselves by focusing intently on the task of driving especially during the winter months where it gets darker earlier.


One way that people can be safer is to put their phone on vibrate when they drive. This will help to distract them less. You should also not keep your phone on the seat next to you. Consider leaving it in a purse, backpack, brief case, or even your glove compartment.


Hopefully, drivers will feel the pinch on their wallets so that they can not be as distracted when they are driving. The roads need to be safer. Most people do not take the privilege of driving as seriously as they should. This can change if insurers and drivers do the right thing.