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Car Insurance Savings Shortcuts You Can Use

In a bad economy, drivers want to be able to pinch those pennies so that they can be able to stay afloat and meet their state’s required liability laws. Car insurance savings are important for drivers to focus on. Here are some great ways to stretch those dollars in this up and down economy.

The first tip is to always pay your car insurance premiums on time each month. You can save money by having your checking or savings account information linked directly to your online insurance account so that each month the payments can be taken out automatically.

The second tip is to have the right model of vehicle. If you want affordable car insurance premiums then you will want to avoid purchasing a convertible such as a Corvette or Ford Mustang. You need to buy a reliable car such as a coupe or SUV that has received good reviews on their crash test ratings. Search online for the safest vehicles and print out a list of them when you head to the auto dealership. The more reliable and safe a vehicle is the less you will pay to insure it.

The third tip is to try to change jobs so that your commute is shorter. Low mileage discounts can be very helpful at trying to save money on your car insurance coverage. Many people do not think that changing jobs can make a difference to their finances but it really can even if you do not get a large pay increase.

The fourth tip is to consider updating your car insurance deductible. For example, if your insurance deductible is currently $500 then consider increasing the amount to $1,000 or more.  The amount is what you will be required to pay only if you are involved in a collision and there are monetary damages that need to be paid for. Increasing the insurance deductible can be done at renewal time. It is important to do what you can afford to do because you want to keep in mind that accidents happen every day and that the insurance will only pay for the repairs once they exceed the deductible amount.

The fifth tip is to add your teen driver when they are over the age of 18. Many parents add their teens to their insurance policies and end up paying a lot more for their car insurance premiums. It is important to add your child when they have a clean driving record and get good grades. A majority of car insurers will give young drivers a discount for good grades so you can save yourself a lot of money by delaying the addition of a new teen driver to your car insurance.

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