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Car Thieves Want to Ring in 2012 By Stealing Your Car

2012 will be upon us soon. For some people this means that they will be dealing with New Year’s resolutions, fruitcakes they do not like, and gifts that they need to return. However, you might be the victim of a car thief if you are not careful. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has stated that most car thieves strike on New Year’s Eve how is that for ringing in the new year on a high note?

The study that was conducted found that 2,347 car thefts were reported. Every time that a person has their car stolen they are more likely to face higher auto insurance premiums. This is because each time that a claim is filed, the policy holder’s risk value increases.

It is important to be proactive. For example, if you want to go to an event you should consider car pooling instead of everyone taking separate vehicles. If you can, take public transportation such as a bus, train, or cab to the event that you will be attending. Never leave your car in a parking lot because it is out in the open. Most people are only in a parking lot for a second or two so rarely will passerbys see that your vehicle is being stolen and try to help.

Car thieves are incredibly smart and they know which cars they want to steal the second they enter a parking lot or street corner. Times are tough and car thieves spend hours each day just looking for vehicles that they can target. If you have a car alarm you should make sure that it is on and that your doors are locked. Remove all of your valuables from your vehicle and keep them at home. Thieves can look through your windows to see what you have in your car so be careful. Always park your car in an area that is near houses and has good lighting from businesses and street lamps. A little prevention goes a long way so start 2012 out right by protecting your vehicle.

Source: CBS News