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  • Don Bullard

    Don Bullard saved us about $400 on our homeowners insurance after our former company stuck us with a huge premium and then cancelled the policy. He’s an independent agent so he could shop the policy around — we’ve had homeowners insurance for almost 15 years and we didn’t know we had any options. I think alot of people are like us and believe that car and home insurance rates are standardized or regulated by the state. We found out that we actually have CHOICES and that there ARE companies that are willing to insure ‘coastal’ homes without those ridiculous rates. Now our coverage is better with this new company.

    We did need to make some property improvements though, but Mr. Bullard gave us a basic list. These were minor things like painting some trim and raking leaves, stuff we should have done last year! So the agency gets a plus on customer service or maybe education, to boot. He spent a lot of time with my husband and me going over the policies and our choices. It was surprising in the level of service we’ve sadly become used to (and even more surporising in how ignorant we were) – I’d almost forgotten that this is the way we did business just five or 10 years ago — face to face.

    Who knows how much we could have saved over 14 years? That’s the thought that gives me nightmares. Based on this, I asked Don to review our car insurance and some other policies and last week I got the news. Altogether, this local insurance agency has cut more than a thousand from our usual insurance bills and premiums and without steering us to any second-rate providers. The providers have very good credentials and all of them are approved by the state.

    PS. Don’s staff returns calls and he does too. When you call, somebody really does answer the phone.

    Annie Rhoades

    I decided tonight to start reviewing companies that make me happy lately. There aren’t many like Don Bullard, so it’s a lot faster than rating one or two other Wilmington insurance competitors with criticism … not only will I complete my ratings before my favorite show, I expect a better night’s sleep — and that’s about feeling good rather than feeling mean, spiteful and critical. Besides, it was the challenged Big Insurance nightmare, BigStore no-service and BigBankorBust fees that drove me to find new companies and my new insurance agent. My challenge started a few months ago when I got my annual ‘thank you’ letter from my insurance company — the same one I’ve had for years. Of course the letter thanked me for 14 years of loyalty … asked about coverage … thanked me again! If you’re a homeowner, you know this letter, right? It’s similar to the one from your health insurance company that leaves a P.S. on the upcoming rate increase. I anticipated the homeowner insurance hike. But I sure didn’t expect the double or nothing bill that followed the ‘customer service inspection.’ If I could find that letter I’d put the term in quotation. Because I don’t think inspection was about the level of customer service or a courtesy arising from my service record or loyalty. Ha! Despite my record – never filed the first claim – what followed was cancellation. Once, twice, three times (they’re out). It’s no surprise that the Bigs are canceling coastal policies. Since my house isn’t close to water or in bad shape, I never realized the challenge would grow to a no-choice policy that carried a premium on par with my mortgage. Yikes! My neighbors have had the same problem and we decided we’d split up the yellow pages and call around. Somebody talked to Don Bullard and I’m surprised we didn’t all crowd the lobby the same day. Actually, I really didn’t expect much difference in the premium, and perhaps my former company could have come close — if only the agent had listened. In my opinion, the difference was Don. He sat down with us most of an afternoon, reviewed our policy, coverage, needs, risk AND the budget. Even better, he explained the inspection procedure that most insurance companies have adopted. Well, you don’t know what you don’t know and homeowners: this is stuff you need to know! We found out that the little stuff was adding up into a really big bill. Don said that the policy cost, in part, gauges risk — something like that anyway, I don’t know insurance agent speak. Anyway, he helped us create a list to impact our ‘report card’: moving the bikes off the porch, painting trim, even cleaning up a pile of leaves raked early fall. I think my prunings dated to 2008 … I’ve noticed our neighbors are pleasantly engaged. Mr. Bullard also compared rates among smaller companies. He said that big companies, though better known, cover more homes so they actually have greater risk – something like that anyway. I suppose risk = cost. The company he recommended was one we had never heard of, but their credentials are sound, and they’re approved by the state. Overall, we’re getting much more for lots less. In addition to the hundreds saved with our new homeowner policy, we also walked away with better coverage … not to mention the knowledge gained. Who knows how much we could have saved over 14 years? That’s the thought that really gives me nightmares. Now, Don Bullard Insurance is shopping our car insurance around. Don and another agent so far have cut more than a thousand from our total insurance bills. Lately, I’ve found other independents like Don — they’ve saved me money and headaches… American Tool, Music and More, Fresh Produce Stand … They don’t always have everything that’s all about convenience. Still, somebody’s able to make decisions without calling corporate, they call back and they’re not afraid to say: I don’t know. There’s more I like: somebody almost always answers the phone.

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