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Want to learn more about Cincinnati and how to get cheap car insurance for your vehicle? Well, Cincinnati has the privilege of being the first purely American city in the United States. It was the first city to be founded after the Revolutionary War, and it did not derive a significant portion of its population from European countries like other cities in the area did.

Cheap Car Insurance will compare auto insurance for you in Cincinnati. We will make sure to get you the best car insurance rates in town.

Driving Conditions in Cincinnati

Those who have difficulties driving in the rain will want to avoid operating a vehicle during the summer months. It is at this time that Cincinnati receives a great deal of rain. However, the winters will not offer them any relief because the city receives around 22.1 inches of snow at this time. The area has also been known to experience blizzards that can reduce visibility for people on the roads.

Odd Laws in Cincinnati

Upon arriving in Cincinnati, it will be to the visitors' advantage to remember not to give a fish alcohol. If they do and the fish becomes intoxicated, the visitors will be charged with a crime. If six women are planning to move into a Cincinnati house together, they may be promptly arrested because this living arrangement is illegal in this state.

Crime Statistics in Cincinnati

The city of Cincinnati reported to the U.S. Census Bureau that 469 automobiles were stolen from the citizens in the year 2012. The bureau also recorded 3,765 cases of larceny along with 1,886 cases of burglary. In total, Cincinnati experienced 6,120 property crimes last year.

More recently in Cincinnati, authorities reported 1,160 vehicle thefts in 2015, as well as 4,413 burglaries and 10,873 larcenies, according to the FBI.

Safety Requirements

Seatbelt Law

In Ohio, every driver and front-seat passenger must wear a seat belt. Each child under 8 must ride in a booster seat or other approved child safety seat (unless the child is at least 4 feet, 9 inches tall), while any child 8 to 15 must wear a seat belt if he or she is not secured in a child safety seat.

Helmet Law

In Ohio, a motorcycle operator 18 and older who’s had a valid motorcycle license for at least a year does not have to wear a helmet. An operator under 18 must wear a helmet, however. All motorcycle passengers must follow the rules that apply to the operator. Anyone caught without a helmet can be fined as much as $75.

Bicycle operators and passengers in Ohio are not required to wear helmets.

Distracted driving law

State law prohibits texting while driving, but allows talking on a cellphone while driving (except if you’re under 18).

An adult driver who violates the anti-texting law faces a fine of up to $150. For a driver under 18 who’s guilty of a first texting offense, the maximum penalty is a $150 fine and a six-month license suspension; for a second offense, the penalty doubles.

Impaired Driving Law

What’s known as DWI or DUI in other states is known as OVI (operating under the influence) in Ohio.

In the case of a “low test” — meaning lower-level results on a chemical test to determine OVI — a first-time offender in Ohio faces at least three days in jail, a one-year license suspension and a $375 fine. Under the “high test” scenario (with higher-level test results) a first-time offender faces at least six days in jail, a one-year license suspension, a $375 fine and mandatory yellow OVI license plates.

Maximum penalties for a first-time “low test” offender are six months in jail, a three-year license suspension and a $1,075 fine, while maximum penalties for a first-time “high test” offender are six months in jail, a three-year license suspension, a $1,075 fine and mandatory yellow OVI license plates.

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  • Pathway Insurance Services


    Jack Thomas
    Independent agency in cincinnati

    4221 Malsbary Rd. Suite 201
    Cincinnati, OH 45242
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    Customer no-service. Basically showed no interest in helping us. Wanted us to buy now and they would explain later. Went elsewhere and found much better rates.

    I recently had an auto accident (not my fault) and Pathway Insurance really helped us out with the claim. They took all the stress out of my hands and looked into the claim, corresponded with the insurace company involved and made sure I didn't have to pay anything from pocket! I was very happy with their services. We have used their services for 2 years now and we are very glad we have them on our side. Excellent service - thank you so much.

  • Henry Insurance Agency


    Ken Henry
    The #1 rated insurance agency in cincinnati since 2009. One call and we shop the top companies for you. Auto, home, business, life. You can trust us to do the job for you.

    2757 Observatory Ave #22
    Cincinnati, OH 45208
    Visit Agent Website


    Jim Kroeger
    See original review:

    See original review:

  • Camargo Insurance Agency


    7713 Camargo Rd
    Cincinnati, OH 45243
    Visit Agent Website


    Camargo Insurance did a wonderful job helping me get insurance for my son. They were prompt, professional and friendly. Wonderful experience!

    I started purchasing insurance for my nonprofit organization through Camargo Insurance a couple of years ago (over time, my family switched over our personal insurance needs as well). Not only are their agents professionally helpful, but they are generous people who care greatly about their community, supporting my organization both financially AND through volunteerism. I would highly recommend their 5-star services and would say that you would have a hard time finding people more friendly than the folks at Camargo Insurance.

  • Cleta Steiner - Vining


    524 Old State Rt 74
    Cincinnati, OH 45244
    Visit Agent Website


    Cleta's office is extremely down to earth and genuinely does everything they can to help! I couldn't imagine having my insurance anywhere else!

  • Henry Insurance Agency


    2757 Observatory Ave Ste 22
    Cincinnati, OH 45208
    Visit Agent Website


    Jim Kroeger
    See original review:

    See original review:

  • Jerry Kautzman


    3344 Westbourne Dr
    Cincinnati, OH 45248
    Visit Agent Website


    I must admit, I've carried insurance for many years and always thought it was a ripoff as I never really had any claims (lucky I guess).

    Then I had a pretty serious accident last year and there were several people in the office that made themselves very available to my family.

  • Joel D Brehm


    6471 Cheviot Rd
    Cincinnati, OH 45247
    Visit Agent Website


    Great company. I've been with them for years and they are always so helpful. Fortunately, I have only had 1 claim and it was an excellent experience. I would recommend Angelovic very highly.

  • Landmark Insurance Agency


    872a Eastgate South Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45245
    Visit Agent Website


    LIARS/THIEVES. I'm a small business owner and a farmer..took a commercial policy out with LANDMARK/GRANGE insurance of Cincinnati they had Electronic fund transfer (EFT) on my account and they stole a months insurance out of my account when I had suspended the coverage for that month..(put in storage, etc). These people..MATT DUSING (AGENT). TYLER BETTS son of the President of Landmark repeatly lied to me for months telling me I would receive a refund of 420.00. check is in the mail and so on. Now they won't take my calls..I leave messages they never call me back. I've tried to get in touch with JEFF BETTS (PREZ) but he won't take my calls. Cheaper isn't always better, if you have a problem they will not help you. Yesterday on 9/24/14 I tried to call Tyler Betts's cell phone multiple times, he finally answered and told me I had the wrong number..he lied to me..voicemail on his phone plainly states this is TYLER BETTS from LANDMARK INSURANCE AGENCY.

  • Pathway Insurance Services


    11305 Reed Hartman Hwy Ste 226
    Cincinnati, OH 45241
    Visit Agent Website


    I recently had an auto accident (not my fault) and Pathway Insurance really helped us out with the claim. They took all the stress out of my hands and looked into the claim, corresponded with the insurace company involved and made sure I didn't have to pay anything from pocket! I was very happy with their services. We have used their services for 2 years now and we are very glad we have them on our side. Excellent service - thank you so much.

  • Burkhart Insurance Agency
  • A E Olverson Agency
  • A M Heister Associates
  • A M Peck & Company
  • Aaa Insurance
  • Aaa Insurance
  • Aaa Insurance
  • Aaa Insurance
  • Aaa Insurance
  • Aaa Insurance
  • Aaa Insurance
  • Abraham A Chacra Agency
  • Adkins Insurance Group
  • Advantage Auto Insurance
  • Al Ipsa
  • Al Rodriguez
  • Albers Insurance Agency
  • Alison Doner
  • Alison Doner
  • Alvin J Betts Insurance Agency
  • American Heritage Insurance Group
  • Amity Insurance Agency
  • Amy Rupp
  • Andrew M Sprowl
  • Anna Renee Pavlisko
  • Aon Risk Services
  • Backus Insurance Agency
  • Barbara J Hall
  • Becker Insurance Agency
  • Ben Duhart
  • Ben L Duhart
  • Berg-berry Associates
  • Best-1 Insurance Agency
  • Bob Beebe
  • Bob Donnelly
  • Bob Shropshire Sons
  • Bob Swats
  • Brad Moeller
  • Brockmeyer & Dean Insurance Agency
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  • Charla K Hoernemann Agency
  • Charles Johnson
  • Charles R Frey
  • Charlie Broxterman
  • Chris Francis
  • Chris Hauser Insurance Agency
  • Christina Almanza
  • Christopher Heiny
  • Chuck Detmering
  • Chuck Wendland Insurance Agency
  • Cincinnati
  • Cincinnati Insurance Consultants Agency
  • Cms Insurance Agency
  • Collins Insurance Agency
  • Connie S Kresser Agency
  • Continental Financial & Insurance Services
  • Courtenay Bythewood
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  • Dan Cook
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  • Delhi Insurance Group
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  • Dexter & Company
  • Diane S Mcdowell Insurance Agency
  • Dietsch Insurance Agency
  • Dino Costanzo
  • Dominic Costanzo
  • Donald Berry
  • Doris Foley
  • Douglas J Gilkey
  • Duffy Insurance Agency
  • Duke Nguyen
  • Dwight L Moody Insurance Agency
  • Dwyer Insurance Agency
  • Ed Bitzer Jr
  • Emory P Zimmer Insurance Agency
  • Energy Insurance Agency
  • Ernest A Almanza Agency
  • Etler Kettenacker Insurance Agency
  • Eugenia A Gates
  • Everett Rucker
  • Farmers Insurance Group
  • Frank Luttmer Insurance Agency
  • Fred Copley Agency
  • G Clark Insurance Agency
  • Garrison Insurance Agency
  • Gary L Diefenbacher
  • Gary R Schrand
  • Gary Rutherford
  • Gary Schork
  • Gellenbeck Financial Services Agency
  • Geoffrey Blankenship
  • George Meinberg
  • George Nikias Insurance Agency
  • Globe Insurance Agency
  • Greg Meinberg
  • Gregory Robert Lochard Agency
  • Gregory Robert Lochard Agency
  • Hal Snow
  • Hammerlein Helton Insurance
  • Harold Jones Insurance Agency
  • Henry I Chai
  • Heritage Insurance
  • Hetz Insurance Agency
  • Houston Financial Services Agency
  • Howard A Roberts
  • Howard P Seaver
  • Htt Agency
  • Huesman Insurance Group
  • Huesman-schmid Insurance Agency
  • Hukill Hazlett Harrington Agency
  • Hung Vu Insurance
  • Huntington Property & Casualty Insurance Agency
  • Hylant Group
  • Ingram Disney Insurance Agency
  • Insurance Analysis Agency
  • Insurance Planning Systems
  • Insurance Services
  • Interstate Insurance Services Agency
  • Iori Insurance Agency
  • J Blue
  • J W & E L Stock Insurance Agency Michael W Stock
  • J. Brent Kindle
  • Jack Baker Insurance Agency L L C
  • Jackie Meadows Insurance Agency
  • Jacob & Associates Insurance
  • James L Howell
  • James R Wertz Insurance Agency
  • Jeff Kopp
  • Jeff Vanderheyden
  • Jennifer Lovell
  • Jerome C Shircliff
  • Jesse Smith
  • Jim Duffy Insurance
  • Jim Zaya
  • Jimmy R Alsip
  • Joe Federle
  • John F Mumphrey
  • John Gasparec
  • John M Meyer
  • John Schnitzler
  • Johnny Chin Insurance Agency
  • Jones & Jones Insurance Agency
  • Jones Insurance Agency
  • Judy Baker
  • Kaine Insurance
  • Karen E Danenhauer
  • Keller Insurance Agency
  • Kelly Torggler
  • Ken Kunkel
  • Kenneth Durham
  • Kenneth K Goettke Agency
  • Kenneth Lee Littlejohn Agency
  • Kevin L Moorman
  • Kevin L Moorman
  • Kevin L Sullivan
  • Kevin T Wells Agency
  • Kinker-eveleigh Insurance Agency
  • Kneflin-dillhoff-hils & Kruse
  • L Cook Insurance Agency
  • Larry R Garrison
  • Larry Toler
  • Lauber Insurance Agency
  • Lee Brooks
  • Leslie Anne Racer Agency
  • Letitia Fulkerson
  • Limes & Mitchell
  • Linda S Caudill
  • Linz Insurance Agency
  • Lisa L Theetge
  • Lisa Lynn Theetge
  • Lovett Insurance Services
  • Mariemont Insurance
  • Maritt Insurance Agency
  • Mark A Rotert Agency
  • Mark Miklautsch
  • Mark S Vaught
  • Mary R Wilson
  • Matt A Deck
  • Mcdonald-mechley Insurance Agency Company
  • Meissner Insurance Agency
  • Melissa C Ramey
  • Michael D Pippin
  • Michael Devaney
  • Michael John Craddock
  • Michael Wolterman
  • Michele A Tobin
  • Mike Albrinck
  • Mike Dummitt
  • Mike Schweppe
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  • Richard Kent Insurance Agency
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  • Rick Hensley Insurance Agency
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  • Robert C Vollman
  • Robert E Caldwell Insurance Agency
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  • Robert Goe Agency
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  • Robert Lewis
  • Robert Lickdyke Insurance Agency
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  • Ronald E Gleis Insurance Agency
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  • Schroeder Group
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  • Schwierling Insurance Agency
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  • Scott Hummel
  • Sheri Pless
  • Shipp Insurance Agny
  • Sibcy Cline / Mouch Insurance
  • Sibcy Cline Insurance Services
  • Sid Sheppard
  • Sidney A Taghiof
  • Siemers Insurance Agency
  • Simons Insurance Agency
  • Smith & Graham Insurance
  • Specialty Underwriters Group
  • Stautberg Insurance Associates
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  • Steven E Ulmer Insurance Agency
  • Steven R Rogers & Associates
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  • Susan L Sam-koetzle
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  • Trinity Clark Group
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  • Vickie S Randall
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  • Tammie Livengood
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  • Portia Cookman
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  • Sarah Smoley
  • Luis Bruening
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  • Mathew Giesler
  • Angel Densmore
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  • Maureen Carabetta
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  • Ashley Langbehn
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  • Corey Minyard
  • Freddie Yoakam
  • Kristina Renaldo
  • Earl Hancher
  • Cruz Civitarese
  • Leroy Gherardi
  • Daryl Thagard
  • Sean Yam
  • Craig Horsman
  • Virgil Tribuzio
  • William Wehmeyer
  • Marcia Skipton
  • Arlene Schoenthaler
  • Praveen Fuge
  • Maurice Breining
  • Lonnie Mcgorty
  • Francisco Splaine
  • Vivian Lewing
  • Tammie Dahir
  • Misty Kohlenberg
  • Janice Abell
  • Joyce Miland
  • Tracey Ciulla
  • Freddie Cosper
  • Molly Ciccio
  • Veronica Ramaekers
  • Dong Dalporto
  • Glenn Pozos
  • Donnie Werline
  • Johnnie Reinisch
  • Jon Castellano
  • Rex Walliser
  • Calvin Perera
  • Karen Maltby
  • Nancy Labare
  • Claude Wellendorf
  • Gael Armold
  • Cathy Holleran
  • Javier Frechette
  • Jim Scardino
  • Virginia Tavakoli
  • Arthur Raneri
  • Christopher Quackenbush
  • Betsy Chillis
  • Casey Mcpartland
  • Guy Klayman
  • Kaci Brunger
  • Bridget Feigenbaum
  • Beverly Font
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  • Shyla Bonecutter
  • Janis Klette
  • Brad Fiorito
  • Dashawn Haux
  • Ellen Karlson
  • Gail Doxey
  • Jerry Arrowood
  • Rosie Swearengin
  • Eleanor Perschbacher
  • Fredrick Redig
  • Ralph Eames
  • Angel Mcgirt
  • Eddie Lasyone
  • Maria Papay

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Swapping your high heels for a pair of driving shoes can help you qualify for cheap car insurance by avoiding accidents and getting "safer driver" discounts.

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It is easier to get cheap car insurance with a car that has high safety rating than one without one.

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