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Drivers Beware Car Insurance Companies Can Deny Your Theft Claim

Some drivers have to face the harsh reality of car insurance claim rejections. One of the worst things that can happen to a driver behind the wheel of a car besides an accident is a car theft. Every minute a car is stolen in the United States and sadly some of the time the car theft claims are denied.
One example is of a man who was driving his Mini Cooper to the beach. He stored his valuables such as his clothing, watches, and electronics in the car and left his car keys under the bumper so that he would not lose them while he went surfing. A car thief must have viewed him doing this and was able to get under the rear bumper, steal the man’s car keys, unlock the car and drive off with his vehicle.
The next day, the man went to file an insurance claim for the car theft so that he could replace the items that were in the car and the car itself.

He was shocked to learn that his insurance claim was denied. The insurance agent told him that the keys in car clause in his insurance policy was the reason that the claim had been denied.
This is a clause that is written in a lot of car insurance policies so drivers need to know about it. What the clause states is that if you leave your car keys in the ignition, in the car, or on the car itself then you can be held financially liable for the theft.

This is because car insurance companies view these actions as being negligent because they could lead to a theft. It is almost like giving the car thief the car keys and allowing them to steal the vehicle right from under your nose.
It is important for drivers to understand this so that they can make the right choices. When you will be leaving your vehicle say to go surfing then you may want to have a flotation device attached to your key chain. Many boat owners have these key chains and they are very affordable.

Another idea is to consider giving your car keys to a friend and having them hold them for you while you are surfing or doing another activity where you cannot physically have the keys on you.
Car thieves are very smart and they scope out areas where people might want to part with their car keys. This location was known for its surfing so in many cases people will try to hide their keys so that they do not lose them especially considering that many keys have computer chips in them so getting them wet is a bad idea. It is important to know what exclusions are in your car insurance policy so this never happens to you.

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