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Drivers Need to Beware of Drivers Who Are Not Attached to a Vehicle’s Auto Insurance Policy

Automobile accidents happen every day and after an accident happens drivers need to file auto insurance claims so that they can have their cars repaired and their medical bills paid. In the state of Texas, some drivers are having issues when they got to file their auto insurance claims.

The problem is that sometimes people are not listed on a vehicle’s auto insurance policies when they become involved in an automobile accident. One person who has had this problem is a woman named Pat Taylor who lives in Mesquite. She was involved in a simple accident with her SUV and her vehicle was hit from behind. Her car endured a lot of damage so she needed to file an auto insurance claim. Most people would have just been able to file their insurance claim and gotten a compensation check a few weeks later from a claims adjuster.

The woman thought everything would be okay because the driver who was 20 years old had given her and the police officer a copy of the insurance card with the information on it. When Ms. Taylor went to file a claim to get the $1500 in damages covered she needed to get her vehicle repaired.

The auto insurance company contacted her and stated that the vehicle’s insurance policy was in the driver’s mother’s name and that he was not covered by the policy. This meant that the claim would be denied and she would have to pay for the damages that were incurred in the automobile accident even though she was not at fault. Many drivers in North Texas are experiencing this same thing where people can driver vehicles and even inspect them without having to be listed on the vehicle’s auto insurance policy.

Many consumer watch dog groups want the state’s insurance department to take action and help fix this with the insurance market. Drivers need to be insured and each driver should have to be attached to the auto insurance policy on the vehicle. There should be a way to electronically verify this information so that situations like the one that happened to Ms. Taylor do not continue to happen in Texas and other states.

Source: Texas Watch. org