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Getting Cheap Car Insurance When You Have Points On Your Record

speedingOne of the main ways that car insurance companies determine the rates that they charge is how good – or bad – your driving record is. Drivers with relatively few incidences on their driving records tend to get much lower and more affordable rates. However, sometimes people have bad luck or simply have trouble keeping their speed below the posted limit.

The more tickets that you incur as a driver, the higher the number of points will be on your record. Depending on the state that you live in, different number of points are given to different types of infractions. Speeding tickets are by far the most common and typically result in anywhere from two to four points on a driving record. As the number of points increase on your driving record, so can your car insurance rates.

After accruing a large number of points, you may want to start shopping around for a better deal on your car insurance. Some car insurance companies specialize in covering drivers with less than perfect records. By checking out companies like this, you can stand to save a good deal of money on your monthly car insurance premium. After all, points do not typically begin dropping off of your driving record for at least two years. That translates to at least two years of much higher rates for you.

Get a copy of your driving record from your local DMV or Secretary of State; one of these two agencies typically handles those records, depending on the state that you live in. This record will show you how many points you currently have on your driving record. This is the first step in finding cheap car insurance when you have a lot of points to contend with.

With your record in hand, begin looking on the Internet for companies that specialize in drivers who have a lot of points on their records. Make sure that you receive quotes from a lot of different places, because it is amazing how much rates can vary from place to place. Make sure to show them your driving record and that they are completely aware of how many points you have.

By searching around, you should be able to find reasonably cheap car insurance despite having a lot of points on your record. This way, you can save some money and wait for the points to drop off. In a few years, you can buy regular car insurance again.