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Cheap Car Insurance in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is the top spot in Michigan for craft beer, atypical art, farm-to-table restaurants and cheap car insurance. With a population nearing 200,000, Grand Rapids is historically an office furniture manufacturing center and is still known by its nickname, “Furniture City.” Its economy has since diversified, but it remains a leading city for office furniture production, including computer stations and ergonomic chairs. Built on the banks of the Grand River just east of Lake Michigan, it has also earned the nickname, “River City.” Eastown is its hip, walkable neighborhood on the east side, and the Downtown Market is another popular mixed use district. ArtPrize is its large and unusual art competition taking place each year from late September to early October.

Driving Conditions in Grand Rapids

Interstate 96 runs through Grand Rapids into Lansing about 70 miles east. Commuters between the two cities largely agree that barring snowstorms, it’s about an hour’s drive. The average commute time for Grand Rapids is 21.8 minutes, shorter than the U.S. average of 26 minutes, according to Census Bureau data. The Michigan Department of Transportation provides real-time traffic maps, cameras through downloadable apps and through its website at

Unique Laws in Grand Rapids

Outdated Michigan laws prohibit cursing in front of women and children, though it is unknown whether women and children can be charged if they are the guilty party. The laws also state that the Star Spangled Banner must be performed as an “entire and separate composition without embellishments,” so medleys involving the National Anthem are out. Thankfully, the Michigan code continues to be enforced regarding duels, which are basically a gunfight between disagreeing parties. Michigan residents also may not scalp steamboat tickets or put deformed humans on exhibit except for scientific and medical purposes.

Grand Rapids Crime Statistics

Crime over all in Grand Rapids was at a 50-year-low last year, ranking below national averages, though car theft cases ticked up in 2016. Still, vehicle thefts in Grand Rapids are far fewer than other cities its size. The Grand Rapids-Wyoming, Mich. metro area reported 729 cases of auto theft in 2016, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, or a rate of 95 incidents per 100,000 people, far lower than the national average of 220 incidents per 100,000 people.

Grand Rapids Safety Requirements

Michigan law requires children younger than 4 be secured in an approved safety seat. After age 4, they must be in a booster seat until age 8 or until they are 4 feet, 9 inches tall. Everyone else in the car must wear seat belts unless they are at least 16 years of age and riding in the back seat. Texting and driving are prohibited statewide.

Grand Rapids Impaired Driving Laws

Drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher are charged with driving OWI, or Operating While Intoxicated, in Michigan, which also has an OWVI, or Operating While Visibly Impaired, law for drivers who are under .08 but are obviously impaired. Charges are enhanced if a driver’s BAC is .17 or more. The BAC drops to .02 for those under 21. First offenders face up to 93 days in jail, plus fines, license suspension for 30 days and a possible ignition interlock device, which is not cheap either. For those with an enhanced charge for high BAC, it’s up to 180 days in jail, higher fines and up to 360 hours of community service for a first offense. No matter what you circumstances, we can help find cheap car insurance rates in Grand Rapids, Mich.

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  • Insurance Advantage Agency


    Len Bergsma

    Independent insurance agency for auto, home, life & business. Top a rated carriers to protect you. 20 + years in business, agent len is a dave ramsey elp for personal and business insurance.

    What makes your specific agency stand out from your competition?

    Ia shops 15 different markets for you so you do not have to shop around, we offer auto, home, life, business & more. We are a service minded and look out for our clients best interest.

    • Discount and Special Program offered Aarp Aaa Group Discounts Senior College Alumni Gvsu Good Student Life Discounts Chamber Discounts Professional Discounts Employment Discounts Education Discounts

    • License Type

      Resident Producer

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    5242 Plainfield Ave Ne Suite F
    Grand Rapids, MI 49504

    Visit Agent Website

    Great Thanks for saving me money and protecting me

  • Averson Insurance Agency


    Jayson Lash

    Averson insurance agency provides auto and home insurance with multiple carriers.

    2180 44th St Ste 203
    Grand Rapids, MI 49508

    Visit Agent Website
  • Keith Alexis

    1555 Diamond Ave Ne
    Grand Rapids, MI 49505

    Visit Agent Website

    I called on behalf of a claim made by one of his insured, asking for a claims adjuster. I left a message and Keith returned the call only to yell at me asking why I didn’t state the reason for calling when I left a message with the secretary. He said “”I can’t talk to 4 people at once, you should have told the person calling why you called.”” He basically preceded to treat me like an idiot and said he would turn my number over to an adjuster.
    Wow, we deal with insurance companies all the time. I have never been treated so rudely. I certainly will not refer anyone to this agency.

  • Marsha Veenstra

    4807 Cascade Rd Se
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546

    Visit Agent Website

    Marsha Veenstra’s State Farm Agency does a great job. Not only do they help me with all my insurance needs, but they have also helped me look at my retirement plans to ensure I’m on the right path.

    Working at the Marsha Veenstra State Farm Agency has been a great experience. Customer’s come first in our office as we strive to give them quality insurance and financial products.

  • F R Neuman Company

    2735 Breton Rd Se
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546

    Visit Agent Website

    Incredible people! They really treat everyone like family and sincerely care about their customers. I recommend them highly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dykstra Agency

    4260 Plainfield Ave Ne
    Grand Rapids, MI 49525

    Visit Agent Website

    Highly recommended…ask for Kelly!

    If you don’t mind the nanny approach to doing business then this company might be the place for you to insure your belongings.

  • Dan Charles Agency

    6983 Division Ave S
    Grand Rapids, MI 49548

    Visit Agent Website

    The Dan Charles Agency provided me with a great experience. Not only did they save me money but informed me about the coverages I needed and didn’t need. It was nice to have someone help me understand what everything meant. I no longer feel like I’m in the dark about my insurance!

  • Hylant Group

    161 Ottawa Ave Nw Ste 405
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503

    Visit Agent Website

    Very happy with Hylant.
    Highly reccomend them.

  • Buiten & Associates

    5738 Foremost Dr Se
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546

    Visit Agent Website

    Very satisfied with overall experience. Our agent, Jennifer, has always provided prompt, courteous and friendly service. Highly recommended.

  • Bylsma-nederveld Agency

    3001 Fuller Ave Ne
    Grand Rapids, MI 49505

    Visit Agent Website

    My mom’s house burned down 6 months ago. Total loss. Took 9 weeks to get a settlement. After that, the agent promised to be on top of the situation and get her bills paid and have the second half of the settlement paid out. All I get are excuses. The agent left to some other state to deal with the floods, they’ve lost my paperwork, etc……. I’ve even spoken to Bob Nederveld and he’s made promises. None have been kept. I an EXTREMELY disappointed with their services and I would not recommend them. I’m tired of calling them every day and not getting anywhere.

  • Grezak Steenland Insurance

    975 3 Mile Rd Nw
    Grand Rapids, MI 49544

    Visit Agent Website

    Good people, very professional, very helpful in finding the insurance I need

  • Thornapple Insurance Agency

    6143 28th St Se
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546

    Visit Agent Website

    What impressed me about FIE was the way they helped me handle my claim!!!

  • United Insurance Service

    15 Ionia Ave Sw Ste 310
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503

    Visit Agent Website

    Mr David Harnish has been in the insurance industry for many years.He knows how to represent his clients to the best of his abilities because he takes the time to explain the risk factor to exposure and lets the customer make the final decision.You cannot go wrong to have Dave and his insurance company protect you.

  • Kacos Insurance Agency

    146 Monroe Ctr Nw Ste 1200
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503

    Visit Agent Website

    I tried to find a rating less than ‘awful’, like HORRIBLE! I have been with Kacos for nearly a decade if not more. In fact, my mother was with them first. I have never been so unhappy with a company that is supposed to be looking out for my best interest. They changed my insurance carrier without my prior permission stating it will save me money! When I had questions, I received a less than informative response. They never notified me that someone was coming to my home to do an inspection afterwards. So I get a random call from someone I had never heard of wanting access to my ‘box’. It moved from my ‘box’ to the water heater, to the furnace and so on after the person had access in my home. Finally, we get a so-called courtesy call from Kacos saying we have to do some repairs by March!!! Whoa! So, this is going to save me money! Note to Kacos; when you have a client, you make them aware of what they potentially may expect (i.e., a call from the insurance carrier wanting to do an inspection, the possible results of the inspection and how that may affect you and so on). I hoped to discuss the issue and offer possible solutions with Kacos. So, I decided to drive all the way out to their office to discuss my issues face to face. But apparently I am not very intelligent and cannot speak for myself or do not understand what it means to be a client. So every time I opened my mouth, the more intelligent lady in the office spent our dialogue having a monologue TO me. I patiently waited for her to finish her rebuttals and tried to get a word in, to no avail. To date, I have not heard back from them to resolve my issues. In fact, they have not even contacted me to find out ‘what my issue is’. That is a problem with me. Unlike some others, I rarely contact the office. I pay my premium in one single payment so there is very little interaction with the office. So I FEEL LIKE A NUMBER! I have not heard from a single person from Kacos. Apparently, business must be going very well for Kacos. They are not concerned with losing a client. I am researching now to find a replacement. I am sure another Insurance agency can use my money. I can give someone else my money for BAD SERVICE. If anyone asks me about an insurance company for consideration, I will be sure to mention my recent experience with Kacos. I TELL YOU WHAT IS INTERESTING IS THAT I SENT SCOTT A COPY OF MY REVIEW (9/18/2011) AND HIS ORGANIZATION HAD NOT RECEIVED A REVIEW SINCE 2005! NOW OUT OF THE BLUE, TWO ADDITIONAL REVIEWS SHOW UP. REALLY SCOTT? YOU HAD TO FIND A CLIENTS TO ADD REVIEWS? IF THE SERVICE IS SO GREAT, WHY WOULD YOU NEED TO SOLICIT REVIEWS. THE SERVICE AT KACOS IS NOT LIKE IT WAS WHEN HIS DAD RAN THE BUSINESS HANDS DOWN!!! HIS DAD CARED ABOUT HIS CLIENTS AND BUILT HIS BUSINESS ON RELATIONSHIPS. NICE TRY SCOTT BUT PEOPLE IN WESTERN MICHIGAN ARE SMARTER THAN YOU THINK. I POSTED MY REVIEWS ON SEVERAL SITES TO WARN PEOPLE OF WHAT THEY CAN EXPECT IF THEY DEAL WITH YOU. (9/24/2011) and Scott is still having customers add reviews??? You can listen to people that recently switched to Kacos or you can listen to someone that has been using Kacos since before Scott took over. I have history on my side. A credible agency would not need to call clients/friends and ask them to post reviews. I review positively or negatively without being requested to do so. I finally heard back from Scott only because I emailed my review as a courtesy. Still there was no apology for the lack of service, disrespect and there was no admission of wrong. To date, he has not explained why he did not want to meet with me. Only, ‘tell me what you want me and I’ll SEE what I can do’. When I explained everything to him, his response is to have clients add reviews. SO IF YOU ARE SHOPPING FOR AN INSURANCE COMPANY, ASK YOURSELF IF THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT FROM YOUR AGENT?

  • Linkfield & Cross Agency

    2900 E Beltline Ave Ne Ste B
    Grand Rapids, MI 49525

    Visit Agent Website

    Great service, Jill and tammie always call me back right away. Great rates also.

  • Lake Michigan Insurance Agency

    4027 Lake Dr Se Ste 100
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546

    Visit Agent Website

  • Lamborne Insurance Agency
  • Averson Insurance Agency Llc
  • Jeff Gray
  • Ken Stults
  • Dean Webster
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  • Mike Garner
  • Reno Agency
  • Deborah Poff
  • William Calabrese
  • Dan Koorndyk
  • Valerie Jager
  • Mike O'donnell
  • Phil Boogaart
  • Shannon Gerkin
  • Burr & Company
  • David J Gregwer
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  • Cjg Associates
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  • John T Arnouts
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  • Levay Insurance Agency
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  • Darel E Ross
  • Stephen J Heidenreich
  • James T (jim) Voogd
  • Patrick Vanderveen
  • Scott B Schwaiger
  • Smith & Company
  • Van Tol Magennis & Lang
  • Alf Insurance Agency
  • Aspen Insurance Group
  • Cedar Insurance Agency
  • Edleman Insurance Agency
  • Geoffrey A Burke
  • Rapid City Insurance Agency
  • Steenland Insurance Agency
  • Warsen Insurance Agency
  • Buffham Worst Beckett
  • Farmers Insurance Group
  • Hub International
  • Van Slyke Insurance Agency
  • Best Buy Insurance Agency
  • Bylsma-nederveld Agency
  • Gates Insurance Agency
  • Thomas Sorrelle Agency
  • Paul G Goebel Group
  • Thomas G Harrison
  • Three Mile Insurance Agency
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  • Guiqing Fearrington
  • Johnnie Wibbenmeyer

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Swapping your high heels for a pair of driving shoes can help you qualify for affordable car insurance by avoiding accidents and getting "safer driver" discounts.

It's easier to get discounted car insurance with a car that has a high safety rating than one without one.

When you are looking for car insurance, ask if the insurance company offers a policy where they forgive the first accident.

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