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How To Handle A Denied Car Insurance Claim

It is important for drivers to understand their rights in regards to car insurance claims. For example, one woman was driving and had a tire come off of the car in front of her and damaged her car. The car’s transfer case was cracked and was leaking fluid which made it inoperable.

The woman decided to file a car insurance claim to repair her vehicle. However, the car insurance company denied the claim because they stated that an internal mechanical issue called the car to have issues and not an accident.


The woman was very upset because she felt as though she did not act improperly and that the claim should have been accepted. In this instance, it is important for drivers to know what their rights are. In this case, it is important for any damage from the tire to be documented with photographs. If an insurance claims adjuster cannot see any evidence that a collision with an object has occurred then they are within their rights to dent the insurance claim.


Most comprehensive car insurance policies cover damage from tires from other cars. However, they do not cover damages that occur as a result of a car’s mechanical problems. This type of problem would be covered by a vehicle’s warranty.


One way for drivers to deal with this kind of issue is to consider taking their vehicle to a mechanic for an assessment. Usually a mechanic can spot issues that have been caused by damage from tires and other objects. If a driver can get a note from a mechanic stating that the damage was not caused by an internal mechanical issue then the claim may be able to be appealed.

It is important for drivers to be on the offensive when an insurance claim is denied. In this type of situation, no accident report was able to be filed by the police because the car that lost the tire ended up driving off without realizing what had taken place. The main issue with all car insurance claims is that there has to be enough evidence to be able to prove who or what caused a car to become damaged in the first place.

It is a good idea for all drivers to carry a camera with them in their vehicle’s glove compartment. This can help to photographically document such a situation as it evolves. Many people also have smartphones with cameras installed in them so it is important to be able to quickly snap some photos. This can help to ensure that all car insurance claims get processed and approved. Drivers who have had their claims denied should seek out help from their insurance regulators office because they can offer advice.