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Man Allegedly Uses Bugatti To Commit Car Insurance Fraud

Car insurance fraud is becoming more and more common which is a huge problem in today’s day and age. Some criminals try to stage accidents which is allegedly what one Texas man recently did. The story that the man gave three years ago was that he had crashed his very expensive Bugatti car because he had dropped his cell phone while driving and became distracted.
Allegedly a pelican landed in the road and he served to avoid it and ended up crashing his one million dollar luxury vehicle into a lagoon. He filed a car insurance claim after the incident to recover compensation for his financial losses.

The accident took place more than three years ago but the story is making news once again because his car insurance company has alleged that the man committed car insurance fraud to collect the money from the insurance policy.
The one problem with having a rare car is that other drivers become interested in you. The accident was recorded on video tape and people even posted the video in its entirety on the popular website Youtube. The man allegedly had taken out a car insurance policy worth more than two million dollars on the vehicle less than a month before the car swerved into the lagoon.
The Youtube video has become evidence for the man’s car insurance company.

They have stated that there was not a pelican located anywhere near the road or the vehicle before the car swerved off of the road and landed in the lagoon. The insurance company has stated that they think that the man needed quick cash so he decided to crash the car on purpose to collect the money and run.
The case will go to trial soon. The insurance company has alleged that if the man would have braked that the incident could have been avoided. The driver was handsomely rewarded for his losses. The car was insured for more than double its value so that would mean that the man would have walked away with over one million dollars in profit.
It can often be hard to prove insurance fraud when there is not a long paper trail.

Typically, the crime involves staged accidents where people are trying to collect money for fraudulent medical claims. This man just wanted the money from the car and did not allege that he was injured after the accident.
The video will be the most powerful piece of evidence in the case against him. It proves that there were eyewitnesses to the incident that were filming the vehicle as it swerved into the lagoon. It is hard to overcome this type of evidence in court so he might have to repay the money that he received from his insurance company.

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