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Many Drivers Stunned When Their Insurance Rates After Buying A New Car

Many people across the United States are trading in their used cars for newer models of vehicles. Some drivers are shocked when they purchase a new vehicle and see their car insurance premiums skyrocket.

This is due to the values of the cars. For example, a used car may be worth $4,000 while a newer vehicle might be worth $15,000. When someone buys a new vehicle and it gets totaled, seriously damaged, or is stolen then the car insurance company has to pay up a lot more cash to settle the claim.

If you are a driver who wants to save a penny then you should focus on vehicles that are not as expensive and that sit higher to the ground. For example, sport utility vehicles can be very safe and they do well in the winter months because they can have four wheel drive.

One way for drivers to save themselves as much money possible when getting a new car is to buy the safest model of vehicle possible. Having traction control, side and rear airbags, an anti-theft alarm system, and passive restraint seat belts can be very beneficial.

This is because your insurance liability rates will drop because of the added safety features. Crash test ratings play a huge part in how safe a vehicle is when it suffers a sudden impact.

Drivers need to look online because there are various websites that show the crash ratings of different vehicles. It is a good idea to focus on how well a vehicle can take a side or front on impact because these accidents take place all the time.

Online car insurance quotes can be a big help to drivers when they are deciding on which model of car to buy. In today’s economy, it is important to know what you will pay for your car insurance premiums so that a budget can be created.

Speed can be an important factor for men when they purchase a car. It is a good idea to focus on cars that do not have very high top rates of speed because this can increase your insurance rates. Do not ever consider modifying a vehicle such as adding nitrous or other features that can increase the vehicle’s horsepower.

Faster is not ever better when your car insurance company determines your premium rates. Take your time and think about the entire picture before signing on the dotted line.