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Knowing more about Mesa and how to get cheap car insurance can make life easier. Mesa is considered to be a suburb of Phoenix, the largest city in the state of Arizona.  Settlements were founded in the Mesa area by Mormons in the 1870s.  The city is considered to be one of the easiest cities to navigate on foot, and Mesa is known for its abundance of parks and open spaces.

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Driving Conditions in Mesa

One thing that drivers can look forward to when driving in Mesa is the fact that the city is not known for its congestion or damaged roads.  The city of Mesa does not appear on any lists related to long commutes, confusing traffic patterns or seemingly endless construction projects.

Unique Laws in Mesa

Arizona and the city of Mesa do not have any unique or odd driving laws that drivers from other states should take care to observe while driving in the state.  However, people who live in the state of Arizona often share a chuckle about a portion of the driver's manual.  This handbook takes care to advise drivers to avoid getting behind the wheel when their emotions are high.  Drivers are particularly warned against driving while angry to avoid making poor decisions.

Mesa Crime Statistics

- Auto Thefts: The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that there were 941 auto thefts in Mesa in 2011.

- Property Crimes: There were 15,117 property crimes in the city of Mesa in 2011.

- Crash Statistics: The Arizona Department of Transportation reports that there were 6,374 total vehicle crashes in the city of Mesa in 2012.

- Drunk Driving: There were 272 alcohol-related crashes in Mesa in 2012. 

Mesa Vehicle and Driving Safety Requirements

The Governors Highway Safety Association states that aggressive driving laws are in place in Arizona.  Drivers in Arizona should be especially careful to avoid tailgating, illegal passing, speeding and failing to yield.  Cell phone laws for drivers in Arizona are relatively lenient.  The only drivers who may not use a cell phone while operating a vehicle are school bus drivers.  Motorcyclists under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet. 

Impaired Driving Laws in Mesa

DUI laws in the state of Arizona dictate that a person may not operate a vehicle if they have a blood alcohol content (BAC) level that is .08 or greater.  Penalties for a DUI are significantly higher if a person have a BAC level of .15 or above.  The consequences of being convicted of a DUI in Arizona include fines, jail time, license suspension and mandatory community service. 

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  • Estrella Insurance


    Daniel Shelton
    We provide competitive rates for auto, motorcycle, boat, renters, and homeowners insurance. Come into any one of our locations in the valley, we will provide friendly customer service while we find the best deal for you!

    What makes your specific agency stand out from your competition?
    We do not add any fees to any policy!!! We will do everything in our power to satisfy your needs, even if it means another company is cheaper, our goal is to find you the best insurance rate.

    • Free Qoute

    • Personal Lines

    • 1112275

    1206 East Broadway Rd.
    Mesa, AZ 85204
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  • Insurance Professionals Of Arizona Llc


    Kent Stewart, Cic
    Full service independent agency offering car, home, health, life and other insurance products

    3521 E Brown Rd. #101
    Mesa, AZ 85213
    Visit Agent Website

  • Aaa Insurance


    4126 E Valley Auto Dr
    Mesa, AZ 85206
    Visit Agent Website


    Waited for 20 minutes before helped, then receptionist helped another member before completing my request. Agent I was to meet with was not in, had not returned my call from the day before. 30 minutes wasted. I ended up getting my medicare supplements through Amac, the conservatives answer to the crooks at AARP. Service was prompt, friendly, and less $ than AAA.

    We stopped by to request a trip ticket and thought we would have to wait a few days to get it. They processed it right then and there. Very friendly staff. Plans to go there for more help in the future.

  • Choice Insurance Of Arizona


    2455 S Mulberry
    Mesa, AZ 85202
    Visit Agent Website


    Its better to have an auto insurance. Who knows what will happen.

    Thank you for finding us a great rate on life insurance. It was the best rate anyone offered.

  • Cie Taylor


    2801 E Mckellips Rd
    Mesa, AZ 85213
    Visit Agent Website


    Last few bad reviews blew me away... If you're rude, you will be treated rudely back most likely. If you don't pay your insurance you won't be covered; does that need to be said?? ANYWAY I've been a client here since 1998 and have always been treated like family. I also have worked closely with this office and their expertise has been outstanding! Compared to other insurance offices (even other State Farm Brokers nearby) their service is above and beyond the norm and they will take the time to make sure you're well taken care of. This office is by no means close by to me but they know me by 1st name and I think its worth going out of the way to use their services. If you're looking for freebies/handouts this isn't the place, however, if you need hassle-free insurance at a reasonable price, CALL THIS OFFICE!


    I've had StateFarm auto and home insurance for over 11 years and after a quick audit of my current policy I was shocked to find out that all these years I've been paying $$$ for a mediocre policy with almost no coverage(no uninsured coverage, under-insured, high deductible, no road-side assistance, no rental car ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! ) for an exorbitant amount of money.

    Also, in 11 years I had one auto claim and they dropped my son from the policy, then we had a homeowners insurance claim and soon enough my home insurance was dropped.

    After all this happened I decided to shop around for a better policy for the same amount of money. WELL SURPRISE SURPRISE! Geico, Progressive, Century 21st and All State, all four insurance companies quoted me a rate 55% LESS! than what I'm currently paying StateFarm.. not to mention that all these quotes included uninsured, under-insured, rental, road side, and a 300/500/300 coverage. I immediately decided to start my new policy with All State and cancel State Farm... well well well...
    Now After three days of trying to cancel my current policy with state farm I have not heard from them, Janette, Maria, and Andrea have been very rude ( and don't get me started with Cie Taylor) I have told them to cancel my policy and they don't seem to get it.

    I have now gotten my lawyer involved and have filed a complaint with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and the Arizona Department of Insurance. StateFarm headquarters was shocked when they heard this so they immediately got a manager involved and have sent messages to Cie Taylor with no response at all.

    Please Please STAY AWAY FROM THIS UNPROFESSIONAL office and staff. As Soho Ro mentioned, this agent is clearly after your money with no respect for policy holders.

  • Insurance Savers


    1125 W Baseline Rd Ste 6
    Mesa, AZ 85210
    Visit Agent Website


    The email I wrote to Insurance Savers:
    To whom it may concern;
    My name is Shannon Davenport, policy number #######-AZ-PP-###. I am writing to request my insurance policy on my 2011 Kia Optima and my 2000 Acura 3.5RL be cancelled. When we requested the policy be drawn up at the dealership while purchasing our 2011 Kia, we stated my husband needed an SR-22 for Georgia. The policy was drawn up, we paid the down payment, and we were assured everything was good to go.
    When I called our underwriter, Insurance Savers, three days later my husband and I were informed that:
    1. They could not find our policy and that it may just not be uploaded in the system. The policy was entered on a computer, how could you not find it? And…
    2. There was no SR-22 on the policy because Safeway Insurance did not even carry SR-22's for Georgia. We paid a down of $250+ dollars for this policy and did not even get what we asked for.
    After losing my temper with the rude, young female receptionist at Insurance Savers, I called back and asked for a manager.
    The manager assured me that they did underwriting for other companies and that they would find a company that could do an SR-22 for the State of Georgia. That was at about 10am. Well, 5pm rolled around and I still had not received a return call. So, I called again. I was informed by the same young receptionist from earlier (who was much nicer this time around), that the only company she had found to do the SR-22 wanted over $300 down. I asked why it was so expensive and was told that basically we had to purchase a whole new policy and attach the SR-22 to that policy!!! So basically we had to buy a whole new policy because their underwriter didn't listen when we told him what we needed.
    The receptionist said that she would continue looking and call me the next day. Well, the next day came and went and again I called at around 5pm. My call went to an answering machine, so I left a message. The weekend came and went and I never received a response. Luckily the owners of one of the establishments where my husband is employed, also owns the building where Son City Insurance is located and they contacted the underwriter at Son City, who came up to my husband's job.
    Within 2 hours, not only had Son City Insurance found two companies that carried SR-22's in the state of Georgia, they were able to actually use their BRAINS and figure out that if we already carried the necessary legal limits for insurance on a financed car, that we could take out a second policy that carried the lowest limits of state liability only insurance, so that we could affordably get my husband's SR-22. Son City Insurance was not out to line their pockets, they really wanted to help us fix our situation.
    I know this email reads as if it were a review, and that is because it is. I will be sending this email to Safeway Corporate Offices and posting it on every website I can to ensure that everyone knows that Insurance Savers is a company that provides horrible customer service, does not listen to their customer's needs, and is only out to make a dollar.
    I want my cancellation effective immediately and expect to be contacted when this occurs at ###-###-####. Thank you.

  • Mirage Insurance


    540 W Broadway Rd Ste 103
    Mesa, AZ 85210
    Visit Agent Website


    ok so my husband and I have auto insurance with mirage insurance, I can say they give me good prices, and options on my car insurance. Fist of all I want to give a big THANK YOU to Magali she has helped us in so many ways in our needs for car insurance also in our motorcycle, and renters insurance. she has been responsible, honest, and always happy to help her customers. I really recommend her to anybody.

  • Stephen Hintz


    6024 E Mckellips Rd Ste 1
    Mesa, AZ 85215
    Visit Agent Website


    Fabiola was very helpful in determining the right coverage for our vehicle.... MH

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Swapping your high heels for a pair of driving shoes can help you qualify for cheap car insurance by avoiding accidents and getting "safer driver" discounts.

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It is easier to get cheap car insurance with a car that has high safety rating than one without one.

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