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More and more drivers allowing themselves to be distracted when behind the wheel

The holidays will be here soon and it is important for people to stay focused when they are behind the wheel. According to a new study, many people become distracted when they drive.

The study was done in Portland, Oregon and it found that 33% of drivers were distracted while driving. Oregon has a state law where people who are caught texting or using their cell phone while driving will get a $142 dollar fine but that has not dissuaded drivers at all.

Fifty percent of the drivers who were polled in the study said that they do not think that they should have to be on the road with people that are distracted because automobile accidents can take place.

Many people think that they can drive basically blindfolded but as everyone knows at any time something or someone could appear in front of you and you would not have enough time to stop and avoid a collision. Many people have kids and become distracted by noise so it is important for them to keep their eyes and their hands on the wheel at all times.

It is important to not have your cell phone on the seat next to you when you drive. Texting while driving is very dangerous and causes many collisions each year so consider getting Bluetooth so that you can use your phone safely while driving. Do not eat or drink while driving wither. Some people eat fast food and drink soda or water while they drive but sudden stops may cause these items to get spilled which can cause a driver to want to lean down and pick up the mess.

States such as Oregon may want to think about taking measure to punish drivers with more expensive fines for texting and using their cell phone while driving. Safety needs to be a priority when driving but many people could care less.

People get points on their license for not stopping at a stop sign because it is dangerous but not for being distracted while driving which seems very unfair and unbalanced. Legislators in Oregon need to examine their laws so that they can protect their residents better from the hazards associated with distracted drivers.

Source: US