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NJ Woman Allegedly Commits Car Insurance Fraud

The Garden State is not just known for its Housewives and tomatoes, now it is making news headlines once again because of someone who has committed car insurance fraud. A woman from Hillsborough, New Jersey has learned the hard way that lying and committing fraud does not pay.

Now, typically when people think of car insurance fraud, they think of staged accidents that are committed by criminals to quickly do a crash and dash in order to bilk insurance companies out of money. This woman is a little different.

She did not stage any car accidents but allegedly the woman had been lying about her information for more than 13 years when she would apply for car insurance coverage. The lies finally caught up with her and she has since been charged by prosecutors with insurance fraud in the third degree.

The woman never told her car insurance companies that she is married and is currently living with her husband. She did this on purpose because her husband had a poor driving record and she did not want to pay higher car insurance premiums because of the risk that he brought to her policy.

The car insurance company which is called NJM would have not given her an insurance policy based off of the actual information that she would have provided which is why she has been charged with insurance fraud.

Somerset County has a great insurance fraud unit which found out what this woman was allegedly doing. She was given a summons and was then released by detectives. Many people attempt to misrepresent their information to car insurance companies in order to save money. Back in 1999, when the alleged fraud began, it was much harder to verify a person’s information and see if it was factually accurate.
This woman stated that she was a single woman when she was in fact married. If she never changed her last name or added her spouse to the title or registration of her vehicle then it would be hard to know that she was married to anyone.

It is important for all drivers to understand how severe it is to lie to car insurance companies. Once an insurance company finds out that a driver has lied to them, they are well within their rights to cancel the policy altogether. They can even go back and cancel it before the date when they discovered the lies. This could leave many drivers in hot water if they have filed any insurance claims with the insurance company.
Insurance companies now use the Internet to investigate suspicious information that they receive from drivers. It does not pay to lie in today’s digital age because once an insurance company drops you; others will not want to insure you which are a much more expensive pill to have to swallow.