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Not Avoiding Pot Holes Can Cause Problems With Insurance Claims

Many drivers are fed up with the state of the public roads. However, now drivers in Saskatchewan can actually have points deducted from their driver’s license for hitting a pot hole.
One man hit a pot hole and lost six points off his license and had to pay $500 to have his car repaired when he hit one. The man was very angry about this and thought the whole thing was unfair.
The auto insurance company stated that drivers who are at fault for hitting a pot hole will be subject to having points taken off their driver’s license. Pot holes are supposed to be fix by the local government so that the roads are as safe as possible for drivers.
If a person hits a pot hole at a good rate of speed, then they could end up puncturing a tire and creating a blow out situation or even veer off into oncoming traffic and become involved in an automobile accident.
Drivers need to understand that they need to keep their eyes on the road at all time. Auto insurance companies want to only pay out compensation for claims that were unavoidable. Accidents happen every day, but sometimes pot holes can be avoided.
The driver in question never stated whether or not he saw the pot hole before he hit it. The insurance company said he was aware of the hazardous road condition but did not avoid hitting the hole. However, it did cause damage to his vehicle that he had to pay for. It might have been better for him to contact his insurer and ask them if they cover damage caused by pot holes before trying to file a claim to get the repair work covered.
It is important for people to understand that their insurance policy might not cover everything that happens to their vehicle. Many drivers do not read the fine print that is in their auto insurance policies.
The way that most insurance claims are handled is that someone needs to be assigned blame when an incident takes place. In this situation, the driver hit a pot hole. If the claims adjuster has come to the conclusion that the driver knew not to hit the pot hole and did not take the necessary steps to be careful then the claim will be denied.
Many people think that they can hit a pot hole and their cars will just make a noise and then they can go about their day like nothing happened. The problem with this reasoning is that many people have under inflated tires so hitting a pot hole at any speed can cause damage to the car.
It is much better to be safe than sorry and make sure to spot any hazards that are on the road. The driver wanted the city to also pay for his auto insurance claim but that is highly unlikely. Pot holes can creep up literally at any time. Roads are made of tar and can suffer breakage from cold, heat, or weathering that occurs over time. The city cannot fix every pot hole in a fast manner.
It is up to drivers to be their own form of protection when they are on the road. If you see a pot hole, then you need to avoid it if possible. If you live in Saskatchewan or other provinces then you could lose points on your driver’s license. The more points that a driver has on their license, the higher their premiums will be. Do not let pot holes ruin your chance at cheap auto insurance coverage.