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Want to learn more about Orlando and how you can get cheap car insurance? Well, Orlando is a sizable city with an urban population of 1.4 million residents. Located in the geographic center of the state's peninsula, Orlando attracts millions of tourists each year thanks to its numerous amusement parks including Universal Studios and Disney World.

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Driving Conditions in Orlando

Traffic is especially heavy during the summer when families from around the world converge on Orlando for long vacations. The city has 10 major amusement parks and dozens of smaller attractions, and it's a major shopping center for Florida residents. Interstate 4 runs right through the middle, and traffic slows to a crawl during rush hour. Florida's Turnpike cuts travel time to Gainesville and Fort Pierce by more than an hour, but most of the heavy traffic is centered around I-4.

Odd or Unique Laws in Orlando

Orlando has its fair share of strange traffic laws. For example, drivers are prohibited from blocking any traveled wagon path, and elephant handlers must still pay parking meters if they dismount. At one point, swamp buggies were also considered motor vehicles, and drivers may not allow their vehicles to coast down hills in neutral. As implausible as such an act sounds, Floridians are not allowed to fish while simultaneously driving across a bridge.

Crime Statistics in Orlando

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Orlando had nearly 2,000 vehicle thefts in 2012, which represents a downward shift of 11 percent from 2011. With 215.81 cars stolen per 100,000 residents, Orlando is 108th in the country for vehicle thefts.

Safety Requirements in Orlando

Drivers and front seat passengers are required by law to wear seat belts, and any passenger under the age of 18 is required to wear a seat belt in any seat. Florida does not currently have any restrictions against cell phone use while driving, but motorcycle and moped drivers are required to wear helmets unless they have at least $10,000 in medical coverage for motorcycle accidents.

Impaired Driving Law in Orlando

In Florida, the legal limit is a BAL of .02 for drivers under 21 or a BAL of .08 for drivers 21 and older. First time DUI offenders face some stiff penalties:

  • A fine between $500 and $2,000
  • 50 hours of community service or an extra fine of $10 per hour
  • Up to one year of probation
  • Up to six months in prison
  • Vehicle impounded for up to 10 days

Drivers may be imprisoned at the court's discretion, and driving with a minor or with a BAL of .15 or higher typically results in higher penalties. The court may also require the convicted driver's auto insurance company to file an SR-22 form with the state.

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  • Liberty Mutual Insurance


    Billy Sison
    A-rated insurance provider offering many discounts ranging from where you work, bank, and even the automobile that you drive. With great savings, you also get exclusive benefits that are not found anywhere else.

    What makes your specific agency stand out from your competition?
    One on one communication so that we may make recommendations based on your individual needs, and not give you a "cookie cutter" policy that does not benefit you and protect you as it should.

    • Vehicle Make



      Driver Safety

      Good Student



    • P&c

    • W146796

    2504 S Alafaya Trl #300
    Orlando, FL 32828
    Visit Agent Website


    Easy. Convenient. Great Agent. Explained what I was missing in my old policy.

    I was searching around for someone that could help me with my situation. I was having an issue with doing quotes online and I never wanted to call someone because I know how aggressive some people can be. It wasn't this way with Billy though. He listened, found a solution, and now I am a happy customer for life.

  • Floridian Insurance Agency


    Nader Zayer
    All lines of insurance

    7316 E Colonial Dr
    Orlando, FL 32807
    Visit Agent Website

  • Barfield Insurance & Financial Services


    3950 Silver Star Rd Ste A
    Orlando, FL 32808
    Visit Agent Website


    Good service, the coverage was explained so that I could understand, and I saved money. I highly recommend.

  • Braishfield Associates


    5955 T G Lee Blvd Ste 200
    Orlando, FL 32822
    Visit Agent Website


    Agent and customer beware! Braishfield will string the agent and customer along until days before the renewal and then tell you they dont have a market for your insurance needs. Then leave you with no time to get alternate quotes or coverage. It happened multiple times in a 90 day window. They are under-staffed, unprofessional AND dont have the markets to support your needs.

  • Freedom Insurance Of Orlando


    5105 S Orange Ave
    Orlando, FL 32809
    Visit Agent Website


    State Farm wanted $350 for 6 months. Freedom wants $197! Need I say more? (:

    Very good rates. All around excellent small business perks like service!!

  • Harry Levine Insurance


    7587 W Sand Lake Rd
    Orlando, FL 32819
    Visit Agent Website


    I have been working with Harry Levine Insurance for almost 3 years and they have been hands down the easiest and most helpful Insurance Agency my wife and I have ever worked with. All of their agents and administration are extremely competent and always are finding ways to save money for their clients. I highly recommend using them for all over your Insurance needs.

    Called just to get some information on Car Insurance quotes. Very friendly, and no pressure. I said I needed time to speak with my Wife and they were very friendly and let me know to take my time. They don't harass you like other companies do, so I really feel it is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for saving me money on my car insurance. This is the second time I have used there insurance company I am now using them for Home Insurance.

  • Helen Tallon Insurance Agency


    2429 S Hiawassee Rd
    Orlando, FL 32835
    Visit Agent Website


    Had very unpleasant experience with them and want to worn everyone! I transferred my policy from Miami and since I did that no ONE called and welcome a new customer like it's granted u know. The customer service was bizarre and unprofessional then after 3 month or so they called me in morning of 1 July and told my my insurance was canceled in 29 june! Funny part is when I call them back before knowledge what is all about I asked if I need to look for new insurance Mishel said o NO first talk to DENNIS SO I WAIT for her to call me at 12:30 she didn't so I called again and she finally said my insurance was canceled without explanation! Do not sign with them or you be Sorry as I'm now!

  • Henry Wahl


    417 S Summerlin Ave
    Orlando, FL 32801
    Visit Agent Website


    Very professional and knowledgeable agents that make sure you understand what and why you should cover your valuables and cars. I have never had a problem with them and they are very fast too!

  • Jim Daniels


    4759 S Conway Rd
    Orlando, FL 32812
    Visit Agent Website


    Called the agent personally. My prior gent from State Farm retired after having been with him for 27 years. This agent answered the phone and in an arrogant manner because I only wanted to insure one vehicle referred me to other State Farm Agents nearby. The arrogance of the agent alone warrants a strong recommendation to avoid.

  • Lancaster & Associates Insurance


    3536 Edgewater Dr
    Orlando, FL 32804
    Visit Agent Website


    The professional and personal attention that I was given was wonderful!

  • Marylou Davis


    6200 Metrowest Blvd Ste 103
    Orlando, FL 32835
    Visit Agent Website


    Called in to get a quote and spoke with Katie. She was extremely personable, professional, efficient, attentive and a pleasure to speak to. She called me back when she said she would and with an even better quote than during our initial conversation because of her research. With starving businesses rallying for our business right now I did not feel that I was just another ""CHA-CHING!"" Refreshing! I transferred my coverage to them within 90 minutes of our first conversation.

  • Mirza Beg


    8202 E Colonial Dr # A
    Orlando, FL 32817
    Visit Agent Website


    This agency know how to treat their customers. Thank god no answering service, you could talk directly to the agent. I would highly recommend Mr. Beg. If you need insurance call him and he would find a product to suit your needs.

  • Theresa Marshall Insurance Agency


    5555 E Michigan St Ste 104
    Orlando, FL 32822
    Visit Agent Website


    I had a State Farm auto policy with this agent about a month ago. Last week, I received a call from the office associate regarding a vehicle inspection. According to her, the auto inspection has to be completed within 30 days of the policy start date, so she insisted that I should come that same day or my policy would be cancelled. I was never communicated about the 30 days rule before that same day, so how can they now ask me to come right away or have no policy. In fact, I was at work and couldn't leave at that moment. So she agreed that it was their mistake from their end to not inform me about it, and she would keep my policy and told me to come within 10 days for inspection.

    I called yesterday to setup an appointment and was told that my comprehensive and collision coverages were already removed. They may have the right to cancel it, but they also have the responsibility to inform me about any change on my insurance. It looked like I was driving for a couple of days believing to have those coverages (as being shown in my insurance ID) but actually I hadn't.

    To say the least, it is illegal to change coverages on someone's insurance without letting him know, or at least sending him an updated insurance id showing the changes.

    Well then, I switched to Geico. I am writing this review so that others may learn of this insurance agent.

    Thank you,

  • Tom Mullins


    7625 W Sand Lake Rd Ste 201
    Orlando, FL 32819
    Visit Agent Website


    To the Tom Mullins' team, thanks for all your help and kind words of encouragement. - Your customer for life, Dane

    Tom, I was just in your office and wanted to let everyone on your team know that you all were very kind and I was able to get a new discount on my car insurance. Thanks for everything.

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Swapping your high heels for a pair of driving shoes can help you qualify for cheap car insurance by avoiding accidents and getting "safer driver" discounts.

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