Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, the iconic Ford Motor Co. is one of the longest-standing and most well-known American auto manufacturers. The company, which started in Dearborn, Michigan, pioneered many systems used today, including assembly lines for mass production.

Ford is near the top when it comes to the largest automakers based in the United States, falling second on the list behind General Motors. In fact, in the world, Ford was the fifth largest manufacturer as of 2010.

The famous Model T is seen as the symbol of bringing the automobile to the common man and it sold in the millions. Many smaller inventions were brought into the mainstream by Ford as well. Rear seatbelts, the seatbelt reminder light and safety glass (introduced in the Ford Model A) are just a few of these key innovations.

The Ford Motor Co. is still family-owned and is one of the longest running family companies ever. Though Ford has been very successful for the most part, there have still been several bumps in the road. They were hit hard by the economic recession of 2008, reporting a loss of $14.6 billion. Since then, however, sales have been much higher.

Ford has acquired several other car manufacturers including the Lincoln Motor Co., which they have owned since 1922 along with Jaguar in 1990 and Aston Martin in 1994. Ford also owns Volvo and a small slice of Mazda.

The Ford logo has evolved over the years. The cursive font was introduced in 1909 and has remained constant (with slight variation) since then. An oval was added around the black and white logo in 1912. In 1927, the logo was turned blue and white. Later on, the logo kept its blue, but got a more modern look including a more vibrant blue with gradient that we still see today.

With more than 90 plants and facilities worldwide, Ford has a massive international presence. The company runs operations in the United States, Mexico, Germany, Canada, China, The United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Argentina and South Africa.

The most well-known Ford vehicles include the Ford F-150 pickup truck ,the Fusion, the iconic Mustang and the Focus. Ford vehicles have found success in the areas of motorsport, stock car racing, rally car racing, and even in the IndyCar series.

Ford has numerous sponsorships all across the globe. They sponsored the UEFA champions league for more than 20 years. They also have a sponsorship with the Gaelong Cats of Australian rules football among numerous other sponsors.



  • $126A
  • $116B
  • $115C
  • $97D
  • $141E
  • $97F
  • $140G
  • $124H
  • $152I
  • $110J
  • $163K
  • $120 -L
  • $86M
  • $97N
  • $87O
  • $77P
  • $105Q
  • $131R
  • $197S
  • $71T
  • $115U
  • $125V
  • $197W
  • $108X
  • $104Y
  • $129Z
  • $155a
  • $105b
  • $103c
  • - $84d
  • - $133e
  • $108f
  • $108g
  • $85h
  • $113i
  • $87j
  • $169k
  • $100l
  • $123m
  • $136n
  • $99o
  • $105p
  • $107q
  • $121r
  • $107s
  • $104t
  • $90 - u
  • $140w
  • $98x
  • $118y
  • $0 -$40
  • $41-$80
  • $81-$120
  • $121-$160
  • $161-$200

Average Monthly Premium Compared to All Other Vehicles

Ford Edge SE
4 Door 2WD Utility
Mercedes CL600
2 Door Coupe


These are actual average rates for all 50 states. The state with the cheapest average rates for this vehicle is Maine at $71, and the state with the most expensive rates is at $. The overall average is $117.

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This data is compiled from public insurance state fillings and includes the top 5 carriers, and samples a typical, middle-aged male driver.

Source: Quadrant
Ford Edge

Ford (Edge)

Average Premium Cost

Ford Explorer

Ford (Explorer)

Average Premium Cost

Ford F-150

Ford (F-150)

Average Premium Cost

Ford Fiesta

Ford (Fiesta)

Average Premium Cost

Ford Flex

Ford (Flex)

Average Premium Cost

Ford Focus

Ford (Focus)

Average Premium Cost

Ford Fusion

Ford (Fusion)

Average Premium Cost

Ford Mustang

Ford (Mustang)

Average Premium Cost

Ford Taurus

Ford (Taurus)

Average Premium Cost

Ford Transit

Ford (Transit)

Average Premium Cost

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