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Here’s some interesting facts about Richmond when shopping for cheap car insurance. One of America's oldest cities, Richmond is the capital of Virginia and home to an estimated 220,289 residents. Best known for its cobblestone streets, river walks and monuments, the city is divided into sections known as the North Side, East End, Southside and East End. The original street grid was laid out in 1727, and included Broad, 17th and 25th streets. Today's downtown is located slightly farther west, and the modern City of Richmond is a vibrant commercial center, arts and restaurant scene.

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Driving Conditions in Richmond

GPS maker TomTom ranked Richmond as the second best U.S. City for traffic, based on its fifth annual Traffic Index. The report used trip data from its 400 million users to study gridlock in major cities. Richmond's traffic congestion adds just over 11 percent to a typical commute, the report states, which is half the norm for large U.S. cities.

Current information on accidents, construction and weather-related delays is available by calling 511. Real-time traffic information also can be accessed and smartphone apps can be downloaded for Virginia 511 Web at

Unique Laws in Richmond

Smokers who light up in the car in Virginia can face fines if there is a passenger under 8 years old in the car, according to state laws. There's also a fine for opening a car door when it's “not reasonably safe” to do so, such as in the path of an oncoming vehicle or cyclist. Drivers may cross double yellow lines to pass a pedestrian or anyone “moved by human power,” such as a bicycle, skateboard or scooter, provided it is safe to do so.

Bicycles, mopeds and other non-motorized vehicles are now included in the list of vehicles for which a motorist can be cited for following too closely.

Richmond Crime Statistics

Richmond has experienced an increase in violent crime, in recent years landing among rankings of the country's most dangerous or violent cities.

The Richmond metro area logged 2,791 incidents of car theft in 2016, up from 2,031 cases in 2015, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The current auto theft rate is 227 incidents per 100,000 people, just above the national average of 220 per 100,000 people.

Richmond Safety Requirements

New drivers with permits may not use a cellphone or other wireless devices while driving, even if it is in hands-free mode, according to Virginia laws. An exception is to make an emergency call.

No matter where they are sitting in the vehicle, everyone under age 18 must wear a seat belt or ride in a child safety seat, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and everyone in the front seat must wear a seat belt regardless of age. Texting while driving is banned for all ages in Virginia.

Richmond Impaired Driving Laws

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, a driver who is over the age of 21 will receive a DUI charge if his or her blood alcohol level is higher than 0.08. Those who refuse a test receive an automatic seven-day license suspension. First offenders receive a fine of $250 and one-year license revocation. Punishment increases to include a five-day jail sentence for a BAC of .15 and 10 days for .20 or higher. Ignition interlocks may also be ordered, including for first offenders.

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  • Bergstrom Insurance Agency - State Farm


    6809 Patterson Ave
    Richmond, VA 23226
    Visit Agent Website


    The staff is always helpful and friendly. ""Like a good neighbor...""

    An old fashioned approach to insurance, great customer service and great advice. While others rely on cartoon characters and cheap neanderthal gimmicks, the Bergstrom agency rises head and shoulders above the crowd to deliver excellent value for the money!

  • Clark Insurance Agency


    4709 Mason Rest Ct
    Richmond, VA 23234
    Visit Agent Website


    I have been associated with Mike Clark since 2002 when I bought my first Harley. I was referred to Mike through a friend who was a client. It was nice to learn that Mike was an avid rider and also owned a Harley and knew the things Harley riders had to be concerned with. He worked hard to get me the most coverage for the least amout of money. I highly recommend Mike as an agent and a friend to all riders. He will work hard for you, I know he did for me.

    Bill Windsor
    Chesterfield, VA

    I have known Mike Clark for many years now. He is not only my insurance agent but he is also a friend. I have on a number of occasions, needed assistance that required "above and beyond the call of duty". Mike has always made himself available and has rendered valuable help with all my insurance needs. I recommend Mike to all my friends and anyone with an insurance need. He is a man you can trust.

    Rocky Angone

    Rev R.J. Angone, Jr
    BlackHorse Trooper
    Pointman International Ministries
    Wreaths Across America; Richmond National Cemetery

  • J R Hart


    1102 Welborne Dr
    Richmond, VA 23229
    Visit Agent Website



  • The Andrew Agency


    10415 Midlothian Tpke
    Richmond, VA 23235
    Visit Agent Website


    The Andrew Agency is great! I was able to compare rates with several different companies and I found a policy for $365 less than I was paying before and the best part is I now have better coverage!

    If you were like me, I didn't know the difference between a captive agent and a broker. The Andrew Agency is a broker so they don't work for any one company they have access to several companies so they are working for you not the insurance company. You can shop for the best combination of coverage, discounts and price with 1 phone call. Who wants to spend all day online or meeting with a representative who can't help you when you can work with a great broker like The Andrew Agency.

  • A C & S Insurance Agency
  • A-able Insurance Agency
  • Aaa Insurance
  • Aaa Insurance
  • Aarco Auto Insurance Agency
  • Able Insurance Agency
  • Advanced Edge Insurance
  • Advanced Insurance Management
  • Affordable Insurance Center Of Va
  • Al Arrington
  • Albert Ruffin
  • All Risk Insurance Agency
  • Allan Howell Jr
  • Andrew A Boone
  • Aon Risk Services
  • Art Heifetz Insurance Agency
  • Ashcraft Insurance Agency Of Va
  • Asset Protection Group
  • Associated Insurance Systems
  • Associated Insurance Systems Service
  • Assurance Associates
  • B & P Insurance Solutions
  • Bacon Insurance Group
  • Bailey Insurance Agency
  • Ball-martin Insurance Agency
  • Banc Of America Insurance Services
  • Bb&t - Dejarnette & Paul
  • Beverley N Butler
  • Bill Conley
  • Billy Gordon
  • Bob Pierce
  • Bond Insurance Agency
  • Bradshaw Agency
  • Brenda Tribble
  • Brooke Agency - Charmaine Taylor Richardson
  • Brooks Baltich
  • Brown & Brown
  • Brown & Brown
  • Bruce J Schumm
  • Bruce Jones Insurance Agency
  • Bruce W Butler
  • Bsm & Associates Insurance
  • Butler Insurance Agency
  • C Al Taylor Insurance & Investment
  • C W Archer Insurance Agency
  • Carter R Ellis Insurance Agency
  • Carter R Ellis Insurance Agency
  • Cary-wheeler & Associates
  • Chester Baake
  • Chesterfield Insurers
  • Chris Bushong
  • Christine C Wiltshire
  • Clarence L Key, Jr
  • Clay T Perdue Iii
  • Coates Insurance Agency
  • Cole Consulting Group
  • Collins Insurance Services
  • Colonial Insurance Agency Of Richmond
  • Commonwealth Insurance Center
  • Consumers Insurance Agency
  • Dale Parrish
  • Darrell Faber
  • Darrin Michael Lingle
  • Dennis C Winfree - Horizon Insurance Services
  • Dickens & Dickens
  • Diservio & Sabrito Insurance Agency
  • Diservio & Sobrito Insurance Agency
  • Diservio & Sobrito Insurance Agency
  • Dnl Insurance & Financial Services
  • Douglas M Bradt
  • Duncan & Associates Insurance
  • Dyeco Insurance Services
  • E R Midgett Insurance Agency
  • Edwin L Atkins
  • Ellen Bernstein
  • Etz Insurance Agency
  • Everett Group
  • Farmers Insurance Group
  • Farmers Insurance Group - Thomas Brown
  • Felicia Perry
  • Figg & Sons Insurance Agency
  • First Command Financial Services
  • First Dominion Insurance Agency
  • Ford & Thomas
  • Gaines & Critzer
  • Garriques, Lloyd & Mcmahon
  • Gary Wheeler
  • George F Cooke Insurance Agency
  • George Tribble
  • Gfh Insurance Agency
  • Ght Insurance Agency
  • Ght Insurance South
  • Gibrall Insurance Agency
  • Gil Caldwell Jr
  • Goode
  • H F Thompson Insurance Agency
  • H P Lucas
  • H R James Insurance Agency
  • Han Sik Kim
  • Hedrick Insurance & Financial
  • Herbert George Ferro
  • Hill & Roussy
  • Holly Waters
  • Hope Woolwine
  • Horsley Taylor & Associates
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  • Jeff Cochran
  • John D Rogers Insurance Agency
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  • John Wesley Stover
  • John Wright
  • Johnson Insurance Agency
  • Joseph E Cannon
  • Judy Hudson
  • Karen Wilson
  • Kathy Watson
  • Keith E Mays
  • Kenneth W Forti
  • Kevin Deford
  • Lawrence Winston Insurance
  • Len Williams Insurance Agency
  • Linwood Jerome Heath
  • Lisa C Laverdure
  • M & M Insurance Agency
  • Mallory Keck & Wilkerson
  • Mark Fornataro Agency
  • Marsh Usa
  • Marty Ledbetter
  • Marvin F Bradshaw
  • Mason Insurance Agency
  • Matt Reynolds
  • Meadows Insurance Agency
  • Medbar
  • Melinda Settle-edwards
  • Mequell Green
  • Metlife Auto & Home
  • Metlife Auto & Home
  • Michael Fisher - State Farm Insurance
  • Michael L Jones Sr Insurance Agency
  • Michael Mc Caffery
  • Moore Insurance Agency
  • Nicole Tritaik
  • Ohs Insurance Agency
  • Ohs Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Oludele Doherty
  • Otis Harrison
  • P T Satterfield
  • Palmore,parker & Davis Insurance Agency
  • Peggie Myers
  • Pennington Insurance Agency
  • People's Choice Insurance Agency
  • Percy Barnett Jr
  • Peyton Cheely & Woodle
  • Pinnacle Insurance
  • Puccinelli & Associates
  • R V Potter
  • Ralph Cunningham
  • Ralph E Sweeney Iii
  • Ramon W Andrews Insurance Agency
  • Randall W Hall Insurance Agency
  • Ray Garfinkel
  • Rebuck Insurance Agency
  • Richard King Insurance Group
  • Richard P Diemert Agency
  • Richmond Financial Group
  • Richmond Insurance Agency
  • Richmond Postal Insurance Agency
  • Richmond Standard
  • Richmond Standard Assurance
  • Richmond Standard Assurance
  • Rob Reece
  • Robert E Hailey
  • Robert L Mcclenny
  • Robert Zevgolis
  • Roberts-funai P&c Agency
  • Robins Insurance Agency
  • Rodney Bowen
  • Ronald L Jackson Insurance Agency
  • Ronnie Shriner Insurance Agency
  • Samuel D Baughman Insurance Agency
  • Sanford Insurance
  • Saunders & Benson
  • Scott Insurance
  • Scott Reid
  • Seguros De Calidad
  • Shuxin Xu
  • Spencer Insurance Agency
  • Steil Insurance Services
  • Stephanie Hudnell
  • Steve Love Insurance Agency
  • Steve R Dowdy Insurance Agency
  • Strategic Insurance Management
  • Strategic Insurance Partners
  • Stratton Insurance & Financial Services
  • Straus Itzkowitz & Lecompte
  • Tabb Brockenbrough & Ragland
  • Terry L Walton
  • The Balch Agency
  • The Ben Williams Agency
  • The Insurance Doctor Of Midlothian
  • The Laufer Insurance Agency
  • The Laufer Insurance Agency
  • The Springer Agency
  • Thomas Rutherfoord
  • Timothy W Thacker
  • Tommy R Fincher
  • Tommy R Fincher
  • Tommy R Fincher
  • Tony Diservio Insurance
  • Tonya Tutton Brand
  • Troy Washington
  • Turner Insurance Agency
  • Virginia Brockwell
  • Virginia Commonwealth Corporation
  • Virginia Commonwealth Corporation
  • Virginia Financial Associates
  • Virginia Insurance Group
  • Virginia Insurance Professionals
  • W E Patton Insurance
  • Wachovia Insurance Services
  • Walt Harris
  • Waverly Jones
  • Wayne Benninghove
  • Wells Fargo Insurance Services
  • Wendy T Carter
  • Westover-bon Air Insurance
  • William Estes
  • William H Benton
  • William J Dewitte
  • William Mickiewicz
  • Wilson, Timmons & Wallerstein
  • Wood Insurance Agency
  • Woolwine Insurance Agency
  • Geovanni Hady
  • Sheila Okoniewski
  • Clyde Daughtry
  • Bob Tenesaca
  • Kristin Pulos
  • Tony Kubo
  • Colby Dresher
  • Darlene Merideth
  • Nicole Pioli
  • Shelia Patalano
  • Pam Bertrand
  • Etta Bloor
  • Joy Seggerman
  • Erica Dicker
  • Philip Smolen
  • Jonathon Zaremba
  • Jacqueline Horvat
  • Kristen Millhollin
  • Blanche Grauel
  • Lynne Laury
  • Mariatu Doung
  • Bandi Agraz
  • Derek Fontes
  • Kareem Flinner
  • Scott Kempner
  • Sergio Tamminga
  • Carole Bourquin
  • Jaydon Hefti
  • Felicia Northrop
  • Billie Writer
  • Perry Stelma
  • Cynthia Iler
  • Robyn Knights
  • James Summerhays
  • Patricia Vanderhart
  • Jimmy Whybrew
  • Alvin Ritzenthaler
  • Tara Wojtczak
  • Gail Yock
  • Tyler Stoeffler
  • Alexios Hirshman
  • Brendan Andujar
  • Beth Robida
  • Wendell Isaacson
  • Lorna Eichenbaum
  • Lori Dogan
  • Stacey Kubat
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  • Aimee Shake
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  • Lee Sweers
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  • Brandie Boudoin
  • Joyce Kludt
  • Rosalie Rickle
  • Jessica Ashbaugh
  • Wendy Jandreau
  • Tara Meddock
  • Debra Magnifico
  • Cory Komar
  • Alison Stonewall
  • Dean Ferrel
  • Gregory Mitchem
  • Uriah Habhab
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  • Zachary Moninger
  • Javier Peyser
  • Joeseph Guthier
  • Lloyd Sant
  • Lacrisha Banzon
  • Martin Eggert
  • Dave Niemuth

Did you know ?

Swapping your high heels for a pair of driving shoes can help you qualify for cheap car insurance by avoiding accidents and getting "safer driver" discounts.

Safety Tip

It is easier to get cheap car insurance with a car that has high safety rating than one without one.

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When you are looking for cheap car insurance, ask if the insurance company offers a policy where they forgive the first accident.

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