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Road Rage Incidents Happening More in the United States

Road rage accidents are on the rise lately. This may be because the United States is a country that has many impatient drivers. People hate to be late and they will use risky driving behaviors to try to get to their destinations a few minutes faster even if they have to almost hurt or kill someone else to accomplish this.

Road rage incidents typically happen when a driver cuts someone off, tailgates them, or exhibits an obscene gesture while driving. In some situations, drivers have gotten so angry when behind the wheel of a vehicle, that they have gotten out of their cars and actually shot and killed people. This kind of senseless tragedy needs to end. A little girl from Pennsylvania is actually suing her father because of the fact that he allegedly caused a road rage accident to occur while she was in the car with him and the event left her traumatized. The father was shot after he allegedly made an obscene hand gesture to another driver who had made him angry.

The girl was traumatized from seeing the shooting which many can say is understandable. Watching your father get shot can be a hard thing for a child to process mentally. The girl has to attend weekly therapy sessions and her case could be a landmark case in regards to the topic of road rage.

A parent’s job is to be a role model for their child. Parents and all adults in general should know how to conduct themselves when operating a motor vehicle in any of the 50 states. This father not only made an obscene gesture which many people would be appalled at when a child is in the car but he ticked off another driver who had a mental condition and  weapon on him while driving.

Road rage has become something that occurs too often in the United States and auto insurance companies need to be able to find a way to deal with the issue. People that have been involved in road rage accidents should face significant insurance premium rate increases because they are just as risky as drunk drivers. When a person lets their emotions run rampant they become a danger to themselves and others.

The man who allegedly committed the shooting was a former Marine who had Schizophrenia. People with mental conditions can often become unstable mentally when provoked and that is most likely what happened in this case. Both men were in the wrong and unfortunately, a little girl has had psychological issues due to the event that took place.

Most driver’s education books and classes do not even touch on the topic of road rage and this should change in the future because auto insurance companies and drivers could benefit from the subject being discussed. Many people have short fuses and become angered quite easily. This is why people honk their horns excessively, cut people off, make obscene gestures, and scream or yell at other people. Auto insurance companies should provide seminars and classes to teach drivers how to handle conflicts that occur when driving. This would help to reduce the number of road rage incidents that happen each year. No one should get hurt or injured while driving because someone became too emotional. Driving is dangerous enough even despite road rage incidents.

Drivers should be vigilant while on the road. If you do see someone who is acting erratically while driving then consider copying down the make, model, and license plate number of the vehicle. Alert the authorities to the driver so that an investigation can begin and lives can be spared.

Source: ABC News