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Rules of the Road

It’s easy to say you’re a good driver. Maybe you haven’t received a ticket in a while – or ever. Perhaps you’ve never found yourself on the side of the road calling your insurance company about an automobile accident. Even more, it’s probably been a few days, weeks, months or years since you last took a driver’s education class or flipped through your state’s driver’s handbook. Are you sure you know the rules of the road?

We wanted to see just how well people fared when asked standard questions every driver should know. Did men score better than women? Were older drivers more likely than younger drivers to know the specifics about right-of-ways and lane changes? Take our test and then read on to see how your driving knowledge compares.

Test Your Driving Knowledge

Use our interactive tool to examine your own driving knowledge. After filling in your age, gender, the state and year in which your license was first issued, and the number of accidents you have had, you’ll be presented with 23 driving knowledge questions. As you progress through the test, you’ll be able to see the previous questions you’ve answered correctly, as well as your current score.

When finished, you’ll be presented with a list of the questions you’ve answered – whether right or wrong. You’ll also be able to see your overall score and how it compares to other people with similar demographics. Are you a little rusty on driver IQ, or are you at the top of the class? Find out with our quiz.

Road Smarts Across the Nation

regional map
Drivers in the Northeast performed the best on our driving knowledge quiz. Almost 55 percent of drivers in this region passed our driving test. And, overall, 43.5 percent of participants across the nation passed. Further, respondents with licenses issued in the Northwest, Southwest and Central regions managed to pass at an above average rate.

Not all drivers had a mastery of the rules of the road, though. Less than 40 percent of participants from the South and Southeast passed, while Mid-Atlantic drivers were the least likely to know specifics of the driver’s handbook. Only 37 percent managed to receive a passing grade in their state.

Genders in Gear

driving knowledge comparison between men and women
Contrary to the adage “men are better drivers than women,” female participants achieved a higher average score on our quiz than their male counterparts. Women had an average score of 74 percent, while men received 73 percent. While this isn’t a massive gap, it does mean women have bragging rights.

Female participants also passed our quiz at a higher rate, with 45 percent passing in their respective states. This presented a wider gap when looking at the performances of male participants. Only 42 percent of men who tested their driving knowledge walked away with a passing result.

Experienced Shifters

No age group passed at a higher rate than those aged 60 to 69. This group saw an average score of more than 78 percent and a pass rate of 55 percent. Coming in behind this studious and experienced group of drivers were those 70 and older. While they passed at a lower rate – 50 percent – they did have an average score close to 78 percent.

On the other side of the spectrum, participants younger than 20 years old passed at the lowest rate – below 30 percent. With an average score of less than 70 percent, perhaps this group would benefit from some one-on-one instruction from their parents or grandparents. Hopefully that happens before a broken rule results in an accident!

Behind the Wheel

Are you happy with your score? Are you truly as good of a driver as you thought, or are there some road rules you need to reacquaint yourself with? Even if you know the rules of the road, buckle up with great insurance coverage. can help set you up with the appropriate coverage, so you’re protected from people who don’t know the rules of the road. Visit us online to learn more.


We compiled and edited a random assortment of driving questions that pertained to the entire country and not a particular location. We created our own version of a written driver’s exam. The initial results of 3,500 tests were then compared to the necessary passing score in the state where their license was issued. The interactive results update with every test taken.

Fair Use Statement

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