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Safety Features Can Add Savings to Car Insurance Premiums

The world has become a very unsafe place. Many people are involved in car accidents every day in the United States. This is because Americans are always in a hurry and often are running late so they drive over the speed limit and end up causing car accidents to occur. Often drivers become distracted by ringing cell phones, songs on the radio, and people talking to them in the passenger seat which leads to serious accidents.

Many states now have laws that ban texting or talking on the phone while driving. However, many drivers now use Bluetooth devices which free up their hands and are legal but can still distract the driver. Cars are made safer now than they were forty or fifty years ago. Many people do not consider which safety features they should look for on a vehicle before purchasing it but they should because it is beneficial to them in the long run. Features like anti lock brakes, a security system, airbags, and back up warning system can be great features for drivers especially for parents.

Car insurance companies always ask consumers about the added safety features that they have on their vehicles during the insurance quote process. Adding an ant theft device such as  “The Club” can reduce car insurance premiums by a few dollars per month and is worth the financial investment over the life of the vehicle. Many cars are broken into every day so installing a cheap anti theft device helps to prevent this because it s visible to potential thieves when they look through the windows.

Car insurers like to see that their policy holders have very safe vehicles when they are driving on the road. This helps to lower the number of fatalities per year and the amount of money that they have to pay out in compensation to accident victims for their injuries and car repairs. The less risky a driver and vehicle are to insure; the lower their monthly car insurance premiums will be.

The economy is bad right now so saving even five dollars per month adds up to about sixty dollars in savings per year which is pretty good considering how inexpensive car insurance premiums are to say cell phone bills and health insurance premiums. Safety features do not have to break the bank for drivers.

Parking your car in a garage instead of on the street is a great way to make the car safer. Many thieves vandalize or steal cars that are parked on the street so if possible people should park their cars in a locked garage at night. When completing insurance quotes, insurance agents often ask consumers where they will drive their cars and park them at night. By answering that the car will be parked in a garage, it shows insurers that people value the safety of their cars.

Most new models of cars now have anti lock braking systems. Just simply trading in a used car for one with ant lock brakes can help keep drivers safer. Cars should have dual airbags in them; they protect the passengers in the car and help to protect the head and neck during an accident. Saving money on car insurance is not very hard at all especially when people are good reliable drivers that are driving safe vehicles. This spreads out the risk in the car insurance pool which helps to lower claims for everyone.


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