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Safety Features Saving Lives and Money for Drivers

Every day people lose his or her lives in automobile accidents. Some of these accidents are caused by driver error or vehicle issues while others are caused by illegal actions such as driving while intoxicated due to the consumption alcohol or drugs.
Many drivers do not look at the safety features that their vehicles come with. In today’s economy, most people only take gas mileage, cost, and how the vehicle handles into consideration before making their final purchase.
Vehicles are much more safer than they were two decades ago. In the 1970’s and 80’s the only safety feature that most cars had was seat belts and many people did not even wear them when they were in the car.  Now we have anti lock brakes, air bags, kill switches and other safety features that can help drivers stay alive in the event of an automobile accident.
A new study has found that having safety features on your automobile can reduce the likelihood of your death in an automobile accident. Most drivers own compact cars such as sedans. Five or ten years ago, if a sedan collided with a big truck then the likelihood of survival were marginal at best. This is because a truck sits up higher than a sedan does so the driver in the truck would most often not sustain life threatening injuries when involved in a collision with a sedan.
The study found that across the board SUV’s, trucks, and sedans have much better safety features than they have in previous years. This will also positively impact the price that consumers will have to pay for their auto insurance coverage. If there are fewer vehicular deaths and automobile accidents then fewer auto insurance claims will be filed.
Drivers can benefit from having as many safety features as possible installed on their vehicles. You can benefit both personally and financially from taking the time to review a vehicle’s safety features and crash test ratings. Death is a very final thing that can impact many lives. It is important to have no regrets and do your homework so that you can own and operate a vehicle that will help to protect you when you are involved in an automobile accident.
Source: Bend Bulletin