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Men Paying More For Car Insurance Than Women In Today's Struggling Economy

The gender that a person is will impact their car insurance premiums over their lifetime. Most car insurance companies will charge men about $15,000 more than women for their coverage. This has led many men to believe that car insurance companies have a gender bias in place. The movies have always portrayed men as speed […]

HB 2466 Would Issue Tougher Penalties For Uninsured Drivers

Many states have found it to be hard to be able to get drivers to understand just how very important it is to have auto insurance coverage on their vehicles at all times. The state of Tennessee has finally taken action because of the situation with uninsured drivers posing a threat to other drivers who […]

WA Changes Its Stance On Car Sharing Programs

With times being tough, some companies have decided that they would offer sharing programs for people who own vehicles. The way that these programs work is that a driver who owns their vehicle can rent it to another driver. Most car insurance companies frown on this and even have canceled some car insurance policies of […]

Are Young Male Drivers Really Better Drivers Than Female Drivers?

There has been a lot of debate recently about the subject of whether young female drivers are more responsible behind the wheel of a car than male young drivers are. As most people already know, drivers who are under the age of 25 pay more for their insurance premiums than older drivers do. This is […]

Louisiana Proposing New Bill Regarding Auto Insurance Checkpoints

The state of Louisiana has an issue with the number of uninsured drivers that they have. According to recent statistics, thirteen percent of vehicles on the road are without car insurance coverage. This is up one percent from 2007 when it was twelve percent. The United States is facing a crisis because of the number […]

AZ Law To Tow Uninsured Cars Takes A Nose Dive

The state of Arizona had put forth a proposal for a bill that would have allowed uninsured vehicles to be towed. The bill was called SB 1165 and it was defeated in a final vote of 6 to 7. By law right now, a driver who is involved in an automobile accident while uninsured can […]

Not Avoiding Pot Holes Can Cause Problems With Insurance Claims

Many drivers are fed up with the state of the public roads. However, now drivers in Saskatchewan can actually have points deducted from their driver’s license for hitting a pot hole. One man hit a pot hole and lost six points off his license and had to pay $500 to have his car repaired when […]

How To Offset Rising Gas Prices By Saving Money On Car Insurance

Gas prices are on the rise in the United States right now. Many people are feeling that pain at their local gas pump every time that they go to add gas to their tank. One way to help offset the rising cost of gasoline is to find ways to save money on your car insurance […]

Arizona Bill To Tow Uninsured Cars Could Cause Headaches For Drivers

The state of Arizona has proposed a new bill which would tow vehicles that do not have auto insurance coverage. Many people have been in favor of this law because it will greatly reduce the number of uninsured drivers that are on the road. However, some groups have said that the idea has a few […]

Policy Holders Having Coverage Canceled For Misrepresentation

One issue that many people are facing right now is having their auto insurance policy canceled by their insurance company. One woman had her insurance policy canceled for misrepresentation three months after the policy took effect. The entire amount of money that she paid for her insurance premiums was refunded to her. The woman was […]