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Benefits Of PIP Reform May Be One-Sided

In states requiring PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance coverage, fraudulent injury claims are causing for a push in reforms. Florida, for example, recently enacted limits on how much individuals could recover through their PIP policies. While the move is intended to crack down on false claims for insurance companies, it might also end up hurting […]

July 4th Is A Dangerous Time For Teens To Be Behind The Wheel

July 4th is Independence Day which is a holiday where many teen drivers are out of school and attend barbecues and parties. This time of year can be one where many teens are behind the wheel. A study by AAA has found that the percentage of teens who drive during the summer months increased by […]

Drivers Being Given Car Insurance Discounts Based On New Forms Of Technology

The world has changed a lot since the Internet was invented. Car insurance companies have utilized technology a lot and now they are going even a step further. Many car insurance companies now offer low mileage discounts and now they are going to be monitoring their policy holders even more closely. Satellites and other forms […]

5 Surprising Things That Make You a Worse Driver

We have all encountered bad drivers in our lifetimes. Not everyone is a genius but people should have some common sense on the road because they are in control of a two ton vehicle that can hurt or kill people. As time goes on, more and more people are becoming worse drivers. Here are five […]

Parents Are Now Trying to Buy Safer Vehicles for Their YoungDriversKids

Summer is here now and many young drivers will be out of school and hitting the road. It is important for parents to choose a vehicle that is right for their child to drive. A rule of thumb is to look for vehicles that sit up higher such as minivans, sport utility vehicles and trucks […]