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Holiday Road: 6 Things You Should Do Before Hitting the Highway

Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all major holiday travel times in the U.S. While millions of Americans will be hopping a flight to their destination, many more will gas up the family vehicle and hit the open roads. If you fall into the latter category, here are 6 things you should do before taking […]

Why Parents Need To Choose Cars For Teens Cautiously

Parents need to make sure that they choose safety over appearance and horsepower when they choose a vehicle for their young driver. One mistake that parents make is that they allow their kids to have too much of a voice when they go car shopping together. The faster a vehicle can travel, the more it […]

Parents Are Now Trying to Buy Safer Vehicles for Their YoungDriversKids

Summer is here now and many young drivers will be out of school and hitting the road. It is important for parents to choose a vehicle that is right for their child to drive. A rule of thumb is to look for vehicles that sit up higher such as minivans, sport utility vehicles and trucks […]