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How Drivers Can Understand Their Rights If They Are Uninsured And Involved In An Accident

Every day in the United States, drivers who are uninsured get into automobile accidents. Many people who own uninsured vehicles are unsure about whether or not they can file a claim against someone who hit their vehicle. For example, one woman had her vehicle parked on private property when it was hit by another vehicle. […]

Parents Need To Consider All Options When Insuring Teens

Many parents right now are struggling to pay their car insurance premiums. It can be much harder if you have young teen drivers to insure. With the economy being in a recession, many parents are caught in a catch 22 situation. They can either deny their young teen driver a driver’s license or be forced […]

Louisiana Proposing New Bill Regarding Auto Insurance Checkpoints

The state of Louisiana has an issue with the number of uninsured drivers that they have. According to recent statistics, thirteen percent of vehicles on the road are without car insurance coverage. This is up one percent from 2007 when it was twelve percent. The United States is facing a crisis because of the number […]