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Tips For Parents Who Are Insuring Young Drivers

Many parents feel that they have to get their teen drivers car insurance coverage. This is mainly due to the fact that parents have better driving records than their children will. When a person lives in a household with their parents, they can be added to their existing car insurance policy. It is important for […]

July 4th Is A Dangerous Time For Teens To Be Behind The Wheel

July 4th is Independence Day which is a holiday where many teen drivers are out of school and attend barbecues and parties. This time of year can be one where many teens are behind the wheel. A study by AAA has found that the percentage of teens who drive during the summer months increased by […]

Car Insurance Information For Parents Of Teen Drivers

Many parents struggle with the fact that their 16 year old children will become drivers. It is crucial for parents to be as educated as possible about car insurance requirements for teen drivers. The first thing that many parents ask is when they need to add their child to their car insurance policy. The answer […]

New Research Survey Shows That Teens Need To Work On Staying Focused While Driving

There are many teen drivers on the road in all fifty states. When parents first allow their kids to start driving, they need to really make sure that their kids are mature enough to handle a two ton vehicle because it is such a huge responsibility. A new survey was distributed by insurance giant State […]