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The Top 10 Car Insurance Discounts You Can Use Today

When it comes to car insurance discounts, most drivers are unaware of all of the discounts that they might qualify for. In today’s economy, it is crucial to stretch those dollars as far as they can go. Here is some information on all of the different car insurance discounts that drivers should look into.

The first discount is the low mileage discount. This is awarded to drivers who do not drive their vehicles long distances. If you have a short commute to work and do not use your vehicle a lot then you could save between ten to fifteen percent off of your insurance premiums.

The second discount is the pay in full discount. If you can pay your insurance premiums in full then you will pay less than someone who has to pay them monthly for six months.

The third discount is the good student discount. This discount is awarded to high school and college students who maintain a 3.0 grade point average.

The fourth discount is the automatic payment discount. This is awarded to drivers who opt to have their premium payments paid through their checking account on a recurring basis. Many drivers are given a forty to fifty dollar discount for doing this when they buy their car insurance policy.

The fifth discount is the resident student discount. This is a discount that is given to parents who have kids that go away to school but do not take their cars with them. The premiums are still paid but the parents get a discount because the car is not being used.

The sixth discount is the multiple policy discount. If you have multiple cars in your household to insure then you can get a discount for these vehicles.

The seventh discount is the loyal customer discount. If you have an insurance policy through another insurer then consider getting a car insurance policy as well. Loyalty is important to insurance companies because they think that people who have multiple policies through an insurer will be less likely to take their business elsewhere.

The eighth discount is the defensive driving course discount. If you sign up for and complete a defensive driving course then you can get a discount of ten percent off of your insurance premiums.

The ninth discount is the accident free discount. Many insurance companies will give you a discount if you have been accident free for a specified amount of time. This is a great discount opportunity for people who have clean driving records.

The tenth and final discount is the good driving habits discount. This is given to drivers who have not gotten any traffic tickets and who have shown that they take driving seriously.

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