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The Top 20 Cars That Have the Lowest Insurance Rates

Save Money on Insurance Over the Life of Vehicle with these Cars!

When people think about buying a new car they consider the price, the interest rates, the physical characteristics of the vehicle, and the motoring of the vehicle. The thing that many people forget to consider when purchasing a new or used vehicle is what it will cost to insure. Insurance premiums are pretty costly, and they are even more costly for certain cars. Everyone wants cheap car insurance but don’t realize how important the car choice is.

According to, the Top 20 least expensive cars to ensure are as follows:
The 20 least expensive
2009 vehicles to insure
Rank Average
Premium Vehicle Class
1 $832 Hyundai Santa Fe Midsize SUV
2 $840 Kia Sportage Small SUV
3 $848 Hyundai Entourage Minivan
4 $857 Kia Sedona Minivan
5 $870 Kia Rio5 Small wagon
6 $871 Honda Odyssey Minivan
7 $881 Smart Fortwo Small passenger car
8 $911 Saturn VUE SUV
9 $913 Mazda Tribute SUV
10 $915 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan
11 $921 Scion xB Small wagon
12 $929 Mazda Mazda5 Minivan
13 $936 Volkswagen Passat Passenger car
14 $939 Jeep Wrangler SUV
15 $951 Honda Accord Passenger car
16 $954 Suzuki Forenza Passenger car
17 $955 Lincoln Town Car Passenger car
18 $957 Mazda Truck Pickup
19 $959 Chevrolet Impala Passenger car
20 $960 Dodge Grand Caravan

The rates listed above, will vary, based on age, sex, driving record, and commuting distance. Now for the real question: What makes these vehicles so much cheaper than other vehicles to insure?

Faster cars are more likely to get into accidents, than those that are more conservative with speed. Insurance companies see that if you are purchasing a car that has high speed and power, such as a convertible or sports car, you will be using that power and speed, and that puts you more at risk for accidents. It is also looked at that these types of vehicles are attractive to younger generation drivers, and younger drivers are more likely to speed, and also have higher premiums than someone with more driving experience.

Another big reason that sportier cars have a higher premium is because they are more attractive to car thieves. They are more likely to be broken into or stolen, because of the money value of the vehicle. Soft-top convertibles have a higher premium, as well, because they are so much easier to break into than a regular car or sport car.

Cars such as hybrids or foreign cars cost more money to replace or to replace parts. Therefore, they have a higher insurance rate than a car that has general, standard equipment. Luxury cars that contain DVD players or high-end luxuries are more expensive to replace than a car that has standard equipment. Hybrids are considered a car with a higher insurance premium because parts are sparse and are expensive to replace.

The age of a car has a lot to do with the insurance rate that you receive from your insurance agent. If a car is brand new, they are expensive to insure because the parts are new and expensive. If the car is an older car, the parts will be harder to find and more expensive because of the availability. Along with the age of the car comes the color of the car. Many people believe that if you get a bright colored car, such as yellow, orange, or red, that it will cost more to insure. That is considered a myth. A red car will not cost anymore to insure than a white or black car with the same features. The pearly or metallic colors in cars are slightly higher to insure than basic car colors because the ingredients in those paints are more expensive to obtain.

A vehicle with 4 wheel drive is more to insure because they are more complex to put back together. There are more parts to insure and therefore bring in a higher rate. It is somewhat a win-win situation though, because a 4 wheel drive vehicle such as an SUV or large truck, are not considered a car that is likely to be stolen because they are harder to hide. Therefore, the premium would be relative to that of a luxury sedan. Another aspect of more complex vehicles is a diesel vehicle. They are like a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the aspect that they are more complex and parts are more expensive to repair, making the premium higher. Turbo or high performance cars are the same way. If you have the MUSCLE car, you want to be able to use the power and turbo to show off the car. The effect of this is that there is a lot of engine wear and tear. This is another item to think about when purchasing a car of this nature.

The vehicles listed above, may have some of the features mentioned in the previous paragraphs, but they are standard cars that will save the driver a little money to insure. Think about insurance before you go out and buy your new vehicle. It may save you thousands in the life of the car.