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Thieves Now Using Your Car Remote Against You

If your car has a remote that locks and unlocks the doors then you need to be vigilant about car thieves. Now thieves can block the signal when you use your car remote to lock your doors. This makes you think that you have locked your doors when in fact they are unlocked.
Thieves are becoming very tech savvy and they scope out their victims so that they can hit the vehicles that have valuables in them. With it being the holiday season, many people are leaving items in their trunks and locking it thinking that their doors are locked.
One victim had his laptop stolen from its boot after he had parked his car and locked it with a car remote. It is important to remember that a car remote is not as good as locking your vehicle manually by yourself. This will give you peace of mind that thieves cannot unlock the doors unless they have the same remote or a key to your vehicle.
Many people rely too much on technology when they should not. This is why these thieves can outsmart every day people. It is a good idea to always park your car in an area that is well-lit if you have to store anything in it. This will help to create more chaos around you so that people who are passing by might scare off would be thieves.
If you notice anyone that might be following you, take down their license plate and give it to the police. Many thieves stalk their potential victims for a few days so you want to be on the offensive. Always make sure that your car doors are locked and that you have not left any windows open even a crack. If you need to store items, consider getting a glove compartment that locks so that you can store the items in there if you must. It is better to be safe than sorry especially when your valuables are on the line.
Source: Times Live