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Top 100 Sites For Green Vehicles And Alternative Fuels

As a side effect to the rising climate, gas prices and news stories about natural phenomena, people are becoming increasingly conscious about the environment. Families are becoming more concerned about curbing the footprints they leave on the world. They are beginning to actively seek out ways to sustain a lifestyle without negatively impacting the environment.
These websites are full of tips and tricks on living green. Readers will find stories about nature, environmentally-friendly products and how to become a part of the sustainability movement. These websites truly make a mark on the blogosphere as resources for those just getting involved in green living.

Top 100 Sites For Green Vehicles And Alternative Fuels

1. Autos MSN

Lists the top environmentally friendly cars.

2. Spectrum

Reviews of electric cars that do not need to be plugged in.

3. Clean and Green Cars

A website to promote eco friendly transportation.

4. Auto Blog Green

Website that discusses with cars and the environment and how to be eco friendly.

5. Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger has the latest news regarding hybrids, eco friendly and various environmentally friendly transportation.

6. Fuel Economy

This site discusses the breakdown of electric vehicle features and fuel efficiency.

7. Kelly Blue Book

Website that discusses with cars and the environment and how to be eco friendly.


Lists the best earth friendly vehicle.

9. Green Wikia

A wiki site of everything you want to know about hybrid cars.

10. Go Green Blog

A blog that explains the difference between hybrids, electric cars, air powered cars and other eco friendly options.

11. Inhabitat

This website focuses on news and articles regarding eco friendly transportation and sustainable products.

12. Mother Nature Network

A green website that features information on hybrid and electric vehicles.

13. US News Ranking and Reviews

US New ranking of the best hybrid and electric cars of 2013 with reviews, photos and comparisons.

14. Magnificent

Magnificent discusses various features of eco friendly cars and the different types.

15. Mother Earth News

Gives advice on all forms of green transportation.

16. Autobytel

Useful articles and reviews about eco friendly cars.

17. Greentech Media

Comparison of the best eco friendly vehicles.

18. Organic Gardening

Provides tips for washing your car that is eco friendly and easy on the environment

19. Hybrid Cars

Reviews of electric cars

20. Green Car Congress

Automobile blog that focuses on the environment.

21. Smart USA

This car features details on some of the popular smart green cars in the USA.

22. Eco Geek

Discusses the benefits of using eco friendly auto products and environmentally friendly cars.

23. EV World

A site that tours the various electric cars and explains the benefits.

24. Web Ecoist

A guide for the best eco friendly vehicles.

25. Esurance

A eco friendly car guide and other eco friendly information pertaining to hybrid cars.

26. Eurail

Eco friendly transportation and the benefits by traveling on Eurail are discussed.

27. Green Cars

Rates every car on the market on eco friendliness. Also, has a guide for greener driving tips.


Discusses the various types of environmentally friendly cars.

29. Eco Mall

Eco friendly bus transportation is discussed.

30. Green Upgrader

This site discusses hybrid vehicles by breaking down the features of the various types of autos.

31. Planet Train

A chauffeured car service with an all hybrid fleet.

32. Sustainable Business Network

Clean and eco friendly cars in Philadelphia.

33. Europe Car

A list of eco friendly cars for rent in the UK

34. Green Chip Stocks

This site lists trucking companies that take measures to be eco friendly.

35. Green Hybrid

A website dedicated to hybrid cars.

36. Greenopia

This site rates car manufacturers on hybrid cars.

37. Enviro Citizen

This site includes a forum for consumers to discuss experiences and ask questions about eco friendly vehicles.

38. Living Green Mag

Living Green Mag has a section that discusses the top 5 benefits of being an eco friendly driver.

39. The Greenist

The Greenist breaks down the various modes of transportation that are environmentally friendly.

40. Next Green Car

List with the most eco friendly cars to by in the UK and gives a green car rating.

41. Green Your

Advice on how to choose and eco friendly auto repair shop

42. Green Path Transfers

A global airport transport service that is environmentally friendly.

43. Super Green Me

The top 10 ways to reduce emissions by driving an eco friendly car is discussed.

44. Eco Crazy Mom

Reviews the top eco friendly family cars

45. Got 2 Be Green

Review of smart cars available in the USA

46. Raise a Green Dog

This site details how to shop for an eco friendly car that is also good for a dog.

47. Bio Friendly Blog

Eco friendly train transportation and why it is good for the environment

48. Keen for Green

This site is written by green bloggers and activists. There are detailed articles and discussions on hybrid vehicles.

49. Our Every Day Earth

A family blog detailing the best eco friendly cars.

50. OzoCar

Eco friendly car service located in New York. They rent hybrid cars that use less fuel.

51. 2 Green Energy

Review of eco friendly automobiles.

52. Clean Green Car

Guide to choosing a green car in the UK with reviews.

53. Green Garage

Provides eco friendly automobile service in Colorado

54. Chemically Green

Lists the 5 most environmentally friendly cars that are economically priced.

55. Eco Power

Oil for automobiles that is recycled and eco friendly.

56. Simple Green Organic Happy

A housewife’s guide to 7 of the best eco friendly cars for 2013.

57. Simple Green Organic Happy

Discusses various types of eco friendly transportation such as, cycling, walking, mass transit and carpooling.

58. Angellimo

An eco friendly car services that has an environmentally friendly fleet for business rentals.

59. Eco Nation

Provides customers eco friendly and technically savvy vehicles.

60. Gen Green

Describes the benefits of owning an eco friendly car.

61. Green Motion

Vehicle rental service in the UK and select countries that rents green cars as well as ensuring eco friendly business practices.

62. Greener Living Expert

Explains how to create an eco friendly environment by sharing transportation and purchasing vehicles that do not emit a lot of smoke.

63. The Tomorrow Company

A website that talks about the benefits of driving a green car. Lists the advantages and disadvantages.

64. Tomorrow is Greener

This site discusses electric bicycles and how this mode of transportation is becoming popular.

65. Deep Green Robot

This site details hybrid cars and how driving a hybrid car helps the environment.

66. Earth Car Wash

This is an environmentally friendly car wash that used eco friendly products.

67. Only Drive Green

A comprehensive site that lists all of the eco friendly and green cars. There is a breakdown between, hybrid, electric, diesel an E85 vehicle.

68. Blog on Smog

Blog on how to reduce smog and methods of transportation that are eco friendly.

69. Earths Friends

This site explains the benefits of owning hybrid and eco friendly cars.

70. Go Green Academy

A green website that lists various reasons for going green and driving an eco friendly car.

71. Eco Expert Blog

The owner of this site discusses the benefits of hybrid air as opposed to a car using a battery to charge.

72. Everything Driving Blog

This websites lists little know facts about hybrid cars and eco friendly transportation.

73. Green Machine Tours

A review of Honda hybrid cars.

74. Green Ventures Conference

Discusses the benefits of owning an eco friendly car.

75. Change for Green

This site gives a breakdown of some of the features on a few hybrid and eco friendly cars.

76. Strack Transportation

A car service in Los Angeles that has an eco friendly fleet.

77. Ecolo Green Waterless Autocare

This is a water based product used for cleaning a car that eliminates waste water run off.

78. Environmentally Friendly

An overview is given on how owning a hybrid vehicle can cut down on insurance costs. Also, lists a few eco friendly cars.

79. Eco Style USA

Provides car services for environmentally conscious individuals and companies. Offers hybrid vehicles and is based in North Carolina.

80. Electric Cars Daily

A look at the best eco friendly car shows around the world and other news regarding green and electric cars.

81. Green Stumbler

A source of information on hybrid cars.

82. Eco Friendly Digest

This site discusses the best way to convert to an eco friendly car and gives descriptions of features.

83. Just Live Greener

Website that details how to live greener and better ways to promote eco friendly transportation.

84. Solar Electric Vehicle Company

Provides eco friendly transportation solutions.

85. A Cup of Green

Reviews the top 3 practical eco friendly cars.

86. Clean -Green Cars

A website that suggests various options in purchasing an eco friendly car. Also, has search categories by country.

87. Eco Car

This site explains how to save the environment by driving an eco friendly car and explains why it is more affordable.

88. Energy Green

A breakdown of the pros and cons of eco friendly cars with diagrams.

89. Friendly Cab

Eco friendly cab service in East Bay, CA.

90. Eco Friendly Planet

Eco Friendly Planet gives a breakdown on how hybrid cars work and why these cars help to save the planet.

91. Eco-Office Gals

Review of eco friendly cars.

92. Era of Green

This site discusses converting gas powered vehicles to eco friendly vehicles and the benefits.

93. Green Car Headlines

Discusses the benefits of hybrid cars and questions if the cars are really beneficial to the environment.

94. Green River Heart

There is a brief breakdown on this site on disadvantages of driving an eco friendly car and a little about the history.

95. Mobile Detail of Indy/Louisville

Auto detail shop that only uses eco friendly cleaning products.

96. Green Taxi Cab

Provides taxi cabs that use eco friendly fuel in the Louisville, KY area.

97. Jim Ellis Green

Sells fuel efficient, low emission cars in Atlanta, GA

98. Wheel Woolies

Lists eco friendly car products.

99. Auto Trader

A list with the top 10 eco friendly cars

100. Earth Garage

The website details ways to make a car green and more environmentally friendly. There is also a list of eco friendly car products.

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