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Top Cars Thieves Love To Steal In Summer Of 2013

By Michelle Mears-Gerst

Technological advances in vehicle anti-theft devices are making it harder for thieves to target newer model cars making older models a target. Recent studies from the National Insurance Crime Bureau show an upswing in older cars stolen.

The top five  cars that are predicted  to be the most popular among thieves in 2013 are the Honda Accord, Honda Civic,  Ford Pickup, Toyota Camry, and the Dodge Caravan.

The Honda Accord is very reliable and holds its value making it a popular car among buyers and thieves. The  same goes for the Honda Civic, which  has been redesigned and is in high demand.  Thieves like the sedans for their parts because they break the car down and sell the hard to find pieces.

Ford Pickups are popular among thieves because it has made minimal changes over recent years and out sells it competitors.  The popularity of the truck also means its  parts are in high demand.

The Camry is a popular midsize sedan that gets greats gas mileage. Like the Accords the reliability of the Camry  makes it a hot target among thieves.

In Cleveland Ohio, soccer moms and dads  beware the  Dodge Caravan is a thieves dream. According to the Cleveland Police crime statistics,  close to 330 Dodge Caravans were stolen in 2012, which is 143 more than the second most popular  vehicle stolen in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame city.

Thieves are drawn to vehicles that are popular among consumers, have marketable parts, and blend in on the roadways, according to LoJack Corp.

For those who own an older model car especially one on the hot list for thieves there are ways to protect the car from being stolen or to recover the car before it is dissembled. There are new license-plate recognition (LRP) technology that are great at  catching car thieves. Cameras with LPR technology can be mounted on  tow trucks and other vehicles and scan  millions of plates a month. Police are also fighting back by baiting thieves with  laptops or other electronics in the car that have a GPS-tracking device.

Consumers can take steps to help keep their vehicles safe. According to both the  LoJack Corp. and the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) consumers should take a multi-layered theft prevention approach by using  common sense like not leaving the keys in the car, using an alarm, immobilization devices, or installing a tracking/recovery system. If the keys are left in the vehicle and it is stolen insurance companies may not cover the car because it could be considered driver negligence.