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US Government Trying to Have Keyless Ignition Systems in Cars for Safety

Everyone remembers when Toyota vehicles were on the news because they would travel at high speeds and then would be unable to stop. This created a huge safety issue and hurt Toyota’s reputation.
The federal government has come up with an idea to stop this from ever happening again. They want to begin to require vehicles to have key less ignition systems. These systems would automatically shut off a car so that it could not move. The system would have a stop button that a driver could easily push to activate it.
This is a great idea that could save lives and also help to reduce auto issuance rates. Many accidents happens because cars could not slow down and avoid as collision. If now a driver can hit a stop button then this could reduce the number of collisions that happen each year.
This would benefit auto insurance companies and their policy holders. It would keep the pool sizes the same while reduce the number of claims that re filed each year. This in turn, lowers auto insurance premiums for everyone.
NASCAR cars have something call kill switches which will automatically shut off the engine after an accident. This helps to protect the driver from being further injured after impact. Consumers who do not have a key less ignition system need to understand that acceleration accidents can happen at any time. For example, if you push on the accelerator pedal, the floor mat can get wedged so that you cannot slow the car down. This is what happened in 2009.
Drivers need to read their vehicle’s manual regarding how to shut off their vehicle if it is accelerating too much that it cannot be stopped. In order to prevent loss of life, you must try to hit the brakes. If this fails, then you need to hit something that has some give to it so that the impact will not be as severe as hitting something hard head on. Hopefully, these key less ignition systems will be in all cars very soon because they could save thousands of people each year.
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