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When Is It A Good Idea To Use An Insurance Agent?

With the economy in its current state, everyone out there is looking to save a few dollars. Unfortunately, that often means cutting corners and giving up the little luxuries many have become so accustomed to. However, there is one corner you can cut without giving up anything. By shopping around for the best rate on auto insurance, you can keep the same coverage you need and rely on, but lose the big price tag normally associated with decent insurance options. Read these tips on how to save money on car insurance and keep more money where it belongs – in your pocket!


With Internet usage on the rise, many consumers bypass their number one friend when it comes to saving money on car insurance – an insurance agent. An insurance agent’s job is to make sure people have the coverage that is right for them at a price they can live with. Insurance agents can, more often than not, secure rates that are not available to the general consumer – often with companies that are “invitation only”, meaning an insurance agent has to recommend you to the insurance company.

As an example, a young married couple with three children, college degrees and one past license suspension between them can pay, as a minimum, $1,800 a year to insure three cars, two of which are financed. Keep in mind that this is a good rate, when obtained without the assistance of an insurance agent, but through other means, such as a policy obtained on the Internet, through a reputable company. However, that same couple can go to an insurance agent, who can start a policy with one of the “invitation only” insurance companies, and end up paying only $900 a year for the same coverage. One little change, and that couple saved $1,000 a year!! That’s a lot of groceries!!


Shop around. Even with insurance agents. Don’t give up until you have a quote you are satisfied with. Don’t overpay because you are lazy. Insurance agents can often quote premiums over the phone; it only takes a few minutes!

Do not rule out auto insurance quotes you obtain yourself, you may stumble across an inexpensive one at a website like E-Surance. To save money on car insurance, you should shop around as much as you did for your actual car. Just like car salesmen, insurance agents have the ability to haggle with the insurance companies to secure you a lower rate.


Always ask about discounts, when signing your auto policy for the first time and each time the policy renews. It is not up to the insurance company or even your insurance agent to be proactive in detecting new discounts. If you recently completed college, got married, had a baby, took a defensive driver class or even had a birthday, it is a good idea to ask about new insurance discounts! It’s never too late to save!