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Women Should Think Twice about Insuring their Male Partners

When people become involved in a relationship they often decide to live together. Living together often leads to people combining their auto insurance policies in order to try to save money on their monthly expenses.
In most instances it may not be a good idea for a woman to add her boyfriend or fiancé to her auto insurance policy before they get married. This is because there is more risk involved when an auto insurance company insures a man than a woman. Men usually avoid wearing a seatbelt while driving. This may be due to wanting to seem tough or because they forget to buckle up. Statistics have shown that more men get killed in automobile accidents each year than women do. A study found that in 2009, more than 23,000 men were killed and more than 10,000 women were killed. The disparity is quite large and shows that gender alone can make a huge determination in whether or not someone is more likely to be involved in a fatal automobile accident.
Men are known for being speed demons and in most cases they receive more traffic citations for speeding than women do. Studies have found that when men drive that they are more likely to take chances like running a stop sign or trying to race a speeding train. Men also are twice as likely to drink and drive and become involved in a collision. This type of risky behavior can make it so that men pose more of a risk while they are on the road.
Another reason why men are more of a risk to insure is that they spend more hours behind the wheel and they drive more miles each year than women do. When a certain group drives more miles than another it increases the likelihood that they will be involved in an accident. Automobile accidents happen daily so driving more miles means that there are more mistakes for driver errors to occur.
There is a double standard here in essence because a man who adds his girlfriend to his auto insurance policy will see his auto insurance premiums drop. Men who are in their twenties should consider asking their girlfriends to be added to their auto insurance policies. In most instances those that want a discount because of this need to actually live together and list the same address. Auto insurers evaluate the neighborhood where a car is parked most of the time to determine risk so they cannot issue an auto insurance policy to policy holders with multiple addresses.
Women who want to add their boyfriends to their auto insurance policies should make sure that their boyfriend has a clean driving record. They should not just take his word for it and should ask for solid proof. They should also ask for the boyfriend’s credit score because if their credit score is low then they will add additional risk to your auto insurance policy rates. When men reach their mid to late thirties their amount of risk to be insured begins to decrease. If you are a woman and have a boyfriend who is over thirty, have a clean record, and an excellent credit score then adding him to your auto insurance policy. This can help to reduce your auto insurance premiums and save you at least one hundred dollars per year which is very cost effective. Men and women should each weigh their options before deciding to add their boyfriend or girlfriend to their auto insurance policy.  It is a big financial decision that should be made rationally.
Source: Fox Business