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6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

As with a lot of things, getting something at the lowest price is important. This is true when it comes to car insurance. Car insurance is one of those little things, that, if not taken seriously, can be quite costly. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, finding the cheapest car insurance with the most coverage is possible. All it takes is a little homework, a little bit of time, and a willingness not to overpay for good coverage.
Comparison Shopping
When looking for cheap car insurance, look for insurers that give you instant quotes on their web sites. Some of these sites also give you quotes of rates from competitors. This can be quite helpful when looking for the cheapest insurance with the most benefits.
Ask for a higher deductible
Simply asking an insurer for a higher deductible is possible, for they want to attract your business. Insurance is a volume business, and they need more premiums coming in (as long as they aren’t insuring big risks). Playing hardball to get a higher deductible can save you hundreds a year in premiums or more. This single tip alone can save you up to 40% on your auto insurance costs.
Drop Collision on older cars
If your car is really old, really tired, just a few thousand miles from the great car lot in the sky, why should you waste money getting collision, when getting a new car is cheaper than repairing your old one? Acceptance of your car’s mortality is another way to save a few hundred in premiums.
Don’t Buy a High Profile Car
If you are a cheapskate when it comes to car insurance premiums, don’t buy a luxury car, a sports car, or any other kind of car that is conspicuous and flashy. Insurers charge more for a car that attracts theives or is costly to repair. Buy a Buick, a Saturn, something that people wouldn’t get caught dead stealing. Basically, glamour is not for the thrifty.
Ask for Low Mileage Discounts
If you live in a little bubble, don’t feel bad-you’re saving money! Many insurers offer discounts to those who choose not to explore the country, take roadtrips, or venture beyond a five mile radius. Living in your own little world (in this situtation) is to your benefit. Hundreds can be slashed from annual insurance premiums.
Get Copy of Credit Report
Your credit report is like the report card of life-most of your reputation when it comes to being judged by faceless bureaucracies is defined by this document. If you are some sort of credit abusing, irresponsible “bankruptcy filer” type-This should probobly be avoided. But if you are a square, paying off your cards the way your old man would-get your credit report.
The key to getting cheap car insurance is to live super safely. As long as you live in a little 5 square world, pay your credit card on time, drive an uncool car, let your car die gracefully and shop agressively, you will find it for life is too short and too stressful for overpriced insurance.