Who We Are: CheapCarInsuance

We understand consumers often need the lowest price possible when it comes to choosing an auto insurance company. Our customers also want the right amount of coverage to keep their family safe and protected from life’s unfortunate accidents.
At Cheap Car Insurance, we believe in having the best of both worlds — low rates, excellent coverage and local reps who are there every step of the way. This is what sets Cheap Car Insurance apart from our competition. And that’s what makes us the obvious choice when it comes to your car insurance needs.

What We Do Best:

1. Huge Car Insurance Savings

Our emphasis on red tape removal and streamlining translates to serious savings for our customers. In a world where corporate bloat is the inevitable outcome of mega-sized insurance companies, we focus on the exact opposite: making things easier and faster. When other companies are saying, “How can we add another step to make things better?” we are asking ourselves, “How can we remove a step to make things better?”
We also do not spend billions on advertising like some companies in attempts to attract every customer in the world because we prefer to pass those savings on to you and rely more heavily on our customers telling their friends about us. That’s how good products should be sold.

2. Company Transparency

While other companies make empty promises about savings, we actually let our customers report them publicly for the world to see. Check out our “Recent Savings” chart to the left to view their unfiltered comments. True, not everyone saves money here, but most do.
We focus on improving the conversation with our customers, which has resulted in one of the highest satisfaction rating in the industry.

3. Customer Experience

We believe in providing exceptional customer service and we hope that your time on our site is always a first class experience. Our support work is never outsourced to other countries. We also only hire experienced reps who help us respond faster than most insurance companies.

If cheap car insurance is what you need, then  you’ve come to the right place.



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