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Auto Insurance Fraud Now Being Committed By Industry Insiders

Times are tough and the subject of auto insurance fraud keeps coming up become it is becoming more and more common. Now the insurance industry may want to turn its attention to its own employees because they are finding ways to commit auto insurance fraud themselves.

A woman who works for Liberty Mutual as a claims adjuster named Celina Garcia has been charged with auto insurance fraud. Most people would think that a claims adjuster would not want to risk committing fraud because you can get arrested and face fines and jail time.

The woman allegedly committed fraud by telling police officers that her car was stolen. She filed a police report after she allegedly took her vehicle to a repair shop in Derry, NH. The woman never wanted her car back and gave the garage owner Michael Leblanc the title to her vehicle because she said she could not pay for the repairs that had been done to the vehicle. She then collected approximately $7,000 from her company Liberty Mutual because they thought that her car had been stolen so she got money to replace it.

The woman is now facing three charges. These are auto insurance fraud, filing a false police report, and larceny that is over $250.00. This is very serious because people who commit auto insurance fraud are becoming more and more inventive.

Auto insurance claims adjusters need to take more time investigating claims because people will take advantage of any loopholes that they find. Auto insurance companies need to take more action to make sure that the vehicles that are reported stolen to them have ample time to be located and recovered if possible or this type of insurance fraud will continue. Hopefully, this incident will bring more light to this topic and how criminals can take a damaged car and report it stolen to commit fraud.

Source: Boston Globe