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Car Insurance Evolving With The Times And Offering Discounts To Gay Couples

The world is evolving and many states have allowed gay individuals to enter into same sex unions. Some car insurance companies are now offering discounts to same sex couples. Currently, 25 states recognize these unions in the eyes of the law.

The average couple would be able to receive a ten percent discount on their car insurance coverage. This is very similar to the discount that has been offered for many years to couples who are married.

It is important for these couples to understand that they will be added to their partner’s car insurance policy. This means that their driving record, credit score, and other risk factors will be taken into consideration to determine the insurance premium rate that will be offered.

Another thing that couples need to carefully think about the pros and cons that are associated with this type of insurance policy. For example, the models of cars that are being insured and the driving histories of each driver can impact rates.

In one situation, a man or woman might own a new car and have a terrible driving history and they want to be added to the policy of a partner who has a perfect driving record and a used car. By being added to the insurance policy, the premium rates for the driver with the perfect driving record would soar. This is due to the fact that a newer vehicle which is more valuable and would incur much more of a financial loss if it was stolen or seriously damaged or totaled after an accident.

If couples were paying their own insurance policy premiums then they might be shocked to see their premium rates for the first year if one of the spouses has a driving record that has blemishes on it. It is a good idea for couples to shop around for car insurance quotes. This will allow them to see which policy options are right for their particular cars and needs.

If you are planning a civil union in the future, then it is important to contact insurance agents in your area and see what their company’s policies are on giving a “married” status to same sex couples. If they do allow the status, then take some time to find an insurance company that has the lowest premium rates and the best discounts possible. Times are changing and many states and car insurance companies in the future may allow civil unions to be legal and on car insurance policies.