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Car Insurance Fraud Allegedly Committed By A Police Officer In Newark

Police officers are supposed to protect and serve their communities. It is important for these brave men and women to uphold the law and act morally. In the town of Newark, New Jersey, a police officer is in deep trouble with the law because of his actions.
Allegedly, a thirty year old police officer named Suliaman Kamar reported his vehicle stolen when it was not in fact stolen. This is a type of car insurance fraud and it is very serious. The man collected almost $11,000 from his car insurance company and might have broken the law.
Subsequently, the officer has been charged with two crimes. They are: third-degree theft by deception and tampering with public records or information. These offenses are serious and could land him behind bars.
The insurance fraud went undetected for three years which is a very long time. The way that the fraud was uncovered is that an insurance agent at Liberty Mutual saw the stolen vehicle parked in front of the police officer’s residence. The officer had put the license plate of another car that he owned on the back of the stolen vehicle.
Police officers were alerted to the car insurance fraud and they had a search warrant issued so that they could search the premises and get access to the vehicle and see if it was in fact the same one that had been reported stolen years before.
The man could face three or more years in prison and a fine of $15,000. It is important for instances of insurance fraud to be investigated even if years have passed. In this situation, an employee just happened to drive by the residence and spot the vehicle that he had thought was stolen. Some people are desperate and then it leads then to become involved in criminal activity.
Some have speculated that the fact that the officer had been laid off at the time of the incident that this might have been a motive for the alleged crime. He will get his day in court soon so he is presumed innocent until a verdict is handed down in his case.
People need to understand that they cannot try to make a quick buck by filing a fraudulent car insurance claim. The action can come back to haunt people even years after the crime is committed. Hopefully, this case can be handled quickly so that a resolution can be found.