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Car Insurance Premiums Are Increasing in the US

Car insurance coverage premiums are going up which is not surprising to most people because being insured has almost become a luxury for some when in reality it is a necessity. Most of the fifty states with the exception of New Hampshire require drivers to have at the very least liability car insurance coverage on their vehicles.

Americans are known for always being on the go. They often find themselves running late to appointments or work because they fall behind or got delayed. This leads them to commit speeding offenses in order to try to get to their destination much faster. Millions of drivers are issued speeding tickets every year in the United States.

Most people just think that when a police officer pulls them over for a traffic violation such as a speeding offense that they just pay their ticket and go about their daily lives as normal. However, getting a speeding ticket actually will impact a person’s car insurance premiums down the road.

The reason behind this is because speeding shows a lack of responsibility on the driver’s part. Many car accidents are caused by the fact that a driver was travelling over the speed limit and ended up hitting someone or something that cause the accident to occur.

According to statistics, drivers that get more than one speeding ticket are likely to see their monthly car insurance premiums increase by more than fifty percent. In a time where the economy is bad, this type of increase is a lot to swallow for consumers.

Those individuals who get numerous speeding tickets may not be able to get a car insurance company to insure them with a policy because their behavior is deemed too risky. In this case, a person may not even be able to drive a vehicle because by law most drivers are required to be insured with car insurance coverage.

Some states allow drivers to own radar detectors. These detectors can be installed on a dash board or on the inside of a windshield. They pick up the presence of police radar systems in the vicinity and alert the driver to this wish flashing lights and sound. This warns the drivers to check their speed and slow down if necessary to avoid getting pulled over by a police officer for speeding.

Speeding is a serious offense to commit because it goes against your license. Now, many states issues points on a driver’s license each time an offense such as speeding is committed. People with more than nine points raise red flags with their car insurance companies the next time that they need to renew their insurance policies. The insurer can increase a person’s premium rates every six months so the amount of money that it costs for a speeding ticket plus the additional fees for car insurance premiums really does add up.

Speeding does not pay for drivers. They may be saving a few minutes of their time but in the end they end up paying so much in additional costs that it probably would have been better for them to be a few minutes late than get a speeding ticket. It takes at least five to ten minutes for a police officer to pull a driver over, run their information, and issue them a ticket. This means that it is more efficient and cost effective to obey the speed limit and help to protect yourself and others from a potentially hazardous situation caused by driving too fast.

Source: Torque News