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Careless Mishaps Can Cause Your Car Insurance Rates To Increase

Everyone has a bad day every now and then. It becomes even worse though when you make a mistake that is very hardtop rectify. One woman learned the hard way that even the simple action of gassing up her car could yield her a very bad day.
The woman unfortunately drove off with a gas pump nozzle still attached in her car’s gas tank. The instance may be very embarrassing but in all actuality it happens almost every day all across the United States. Many people become forgetful when they are filling their car up with fuel.
Many people drive for a few miles before they find out that the gas pump nozzle is still in their gas tank.

This is a costly error to make because in most cases, you will be found to be the person at fault. In this situation, the repair would cost up to $400 which means that most people would be paying their insurance deductible to cover the necessary repairs.
This has happen so much that most gas stations have hoses that detach easily. This prevents any gas from continuing with the detached hose so that fires can be avoided. The woman in question had a reasonably safe driving record at the time of her mishap and since the repair was not expensive her insurance rates did not increase a great deal.
Every car insurance company takes this kind of incident differently.

Yes, it is a careless thing to do but these things happen. It is a good idea for people to consider not filing a claim if the necessary repairs are inexpensive because it is important to protect your driving record as much as possible. This could be listed as an at fault incident so when your insurance policy comes up for renewal it could be a strike against you.
A majority of these incidents happen in New Jersey because it is the only state left where drivers usually do not pump their own gas.

Drivers often become distracted and think that the gas station attendant has completed their fill up when they have not removed the nozzle left and they just drive off once they have gotten their debit or credit card receipt. The nozzle will fall off as the car exits the gas station so many people do not see it dragging alongside or behind their vehicles.
If you do damage your vehicle this way then your insurance company will probably deny your claim. This is due to the fact that the damage was likely called by your own negligence and not another driver. It pays to be vigilant in these tough economic times because even one mishap can raise your insurance rates.

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