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Celebrity Cars – And What It Costs To Insure Them

Have you ever wanted to drive a Fisker Karma or Ferrari 458 Italia? Did you ever wonder what your favorite celebrity or athlete pays for car insurance? has compiled a list of vehicles that celebrities and athletes drive and what they pay for insurance.
Famous celebrities and athletes cars and what they pay to insure them
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VehicleInsurance RateCelebrity
Fisker Karma$461.92Justin Bieber
Ferrari 458 Italia$461.67Kobe Bryant
Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead$1134.17David Beckham
Mercedes SLR McLaren$434.75Jay Leno
Porsche 959$470.17Jerry Seinfeld
Lamborghini Aventador$766.92Kanye West
Bugatti Veyron$754.90Simon Cowell
Maybach Excelero$930.75Jay-Z
Nissan Versa$124Adam Levine
Ford Taurus SHO$63Conan O’Brian
Toyota Prius$112Leonardo DiCaprio
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