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Cell Phone Bans Not Doing Enough to Curb Accidents

Most states have banned using cell phones while driving. As we all know, if a driver becomes distracted because they are talking on the phone then they are more likely to become involved in an automobile accident.

A new study that was conducted by the Insurance Institute has found that these bans are not very effective at preventing car accidents. The data examined the car accident rates in states with and without cell phone bans. It found that there was no real drop in car accident rates for the states with the bans. The only thing that changed was phone usage which went down in the states with the bans.

One surprising statistics from the study found that states which ban the practice of text messaging while driving actually saw their car accident rates increase after bans took effect.

Many drivers become distracted while behind the wheel. Over 3,000 fatalities each year are due to the fact that a driver has become distracted.

What this study shows us is that drivers do not just become distracted because of their cell phones. They become distracted by the passengers in their vehicle, their kids, food, drinks, and other drivers themselves. It is important for people to be focused when they are behind the wheel. This study shows us that drivers need to really think about what they are doing when they drive. For example, if your kids are acting up while you are driving, then pull the car over and try to discipline them. Many parents just allow themselves to continue to be distracted which can cause accidents to occur.

Another thing people do is to eat and drink when they are behind the wheel. It is important to only do this if the car is at a stop light or you are in a parking lot because you could drop your food or drink and then it would make you become distracted because you would want to pick it up.

As this study shows all of us, we not only need to stay off the phone but we need to keep our eyes on the road at all times. 3,000 fatalities each year due to distractions is 3,000 too many.

Source: News 8000